Official forms are to be used to make official requests to SGSUP graduate advising for a variety of issues. Expand each category to see the various forms available to graduate students and when to use them.

Registration and Enrollment

Course Waiver Submit to request a waiver of GCU 529, PUP 542, or PUP 576.

Enrollment Change Request Submit if you have missed the add/drop deadline.

Petition for Interdisciplinary Elective Submit to include a non-SGSUP elective on your plan of study.

Override Request Submit if the course is full or of department consent is needed to enroll.

Request to Enroll in Omnibus Course Submit to enroll in research, reading and conference, thesis, dissertation, internship, or continuing registration.

Request for Incomplete Submit to request a grade of incomplete.

Supervisory Committee

Supervisory Committee Form Submit to initially establish your committee

Committee Change Submit to make changes to your supervisory committee chair or members

External Committee Member Request Submit if your committee member is not SGSUP faculty

PhD Milestone Reporting

Research Requirement Submit to report completion of Geography PhD Research Requirement (link sends email to

Comprehensive Exam Results Submit to report completion of comprehensive exams (link sends email to

Schedule Proposal/Prospectus Defense Submit to schedule defense of proposal/prospectus

Dissertation Proposal/Prospectus Results Submit to report completion of proposal/prospectus (link sends email to

MUEP Culminating Experience

Applied Project Scope Statement Office icon Submit to propose applied project topic

Applied Project Evaluation  Project supervisor must complete evaluation of final projects and submit to the MUEP Program Coordinator

Thesis Proposal Office iconSubmit to propose thesis topic

Funding and Travel

SGSUP Research Support Funds Request Submit if you are PhD or MUEP student seeking program funds for conference travel or research support.

Concur Travel Instructions

SGSUP TA Application Submit to apply for a TA position.


Internship Plan Submit to initiate enrollment in internship