When you think of “Geography” or “Urban Planning,” what comes to mind?

For geography, maybe you think of a globe and all of the continents and land forms you see. How about urban planning? Thinking of a huge metropolis like New York City, filled with streets packed with cars, buses and people?

What if we told you it is both of those things, but also so much more!

Our school teamed up with several industry leaders to share how they use geography, GIS and urban planning in their careers for a series of videos. From helping communities be sustainable to learning new and cutting-edge technologies, these videos showcase the wide variety of career options available to students who enroll in geography, GIS and urban planning programs.

Explore some of the interests listed in the menu below. Whether you are interested in “Saving our planet” or “Building communities,” as you explore you will learn how the disciplines of geography, GIS and urban planning can help you pursue those interests through different career paths.

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More about geography

Geographers Making a Difference  Geography is a broad and diverse field, but one thing geographers have in common is using a geographic perspective to have an impact on the world. Video, 4 min 24 sec

Careers in Geography  Get the numbers on employment in different branches of geography -- then scroll down to choose from eight short lively videos that tell more stories of geographers and their career journeys.

The Arizona Geographic Alliance  The purpose of the Arizona Geographic Alliance is to strengthen geography education in Arizona. The organization currently has over 3,200 members and more than 160 teachers in its Teacher Consultant leadership cadre.  Visit their web site for lesson plans that integrate Arizona's geography standards with literacy, math, science and history, and to learn about events.

More about GIS

What is GIS?  This quick video defines GIS simply and clearly. 1 min 3 sec 

The Geospatial Revolution How is geospatial information changing nearly everything?  This Penn State video explains.  13 min 44 sec

 Careers in GIS: Esri, the leading GIS software company, offers 10 short video stories of GIS professionals who study climate, help prevent disease, develop new apps and more.

More about urban and environmental planning

Urban Planning 101  Urban Planning has always been about designing a setting where civilization can thrive. This video created by the City of Phoenix explains the goals of planning today.  2 min 34 sec

What does Urban Planning mean to me?  Students in ASU's Student Planning Association discuss how they got into urban planning and planning as a profession, and some important topics in planning.  1 hr 11 min 5 sec

Teaching Young People About Planning Are you a teacher or youth leader? This site offers a toolkit, curriculum and neighborhood scavenger hunt - 3 ways to learn about planning.