The following are common questions and concerns that students in the School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning (SGSUP) have addressed to advising in the past.

How do I change my major to urban planning, geographic information science, or geography?

You can officially change your major by submitting a formal Change of Major request through your MyASU! You can access the Change of Major Form by logging in to your MyASU and following this path: MyASU > My Programs > Find Programs Tab > Undergraduate Degrees > Changing Your Major Button.

If you're considering a change of major to one of our programs, we encourage you to speak with an SGSUP Academic Advisor during a scheduled academic advising appointment. During an appointment you and an advisor will review the major, its requirements, your completed coursework, and projected path to graduation. Following this discussion, the advisor will assist you in changing your major if you decide to move forward.

Where can I find information on financial aid?

The Finances tab of your MyASU page has personalized information regarding your Financial Aid.

If you have questions, please contact the Office of Scholarship and Financial Aid. You can find their contact information at

What do I do about First Year Composition, Math and/or Foreign Language placement?

If you do not already have transfer coursework that meets First Year Composition, Math, or Foreign Language requirements, you will need to take one of their respective placement exams.

First Year Composition (FYC):

Information on FYC is available at

Mathematics (MA):

All ASU students are required to complete an appropriate MAT course. In order to enroll into any MAT course all students must have a Math Placement on record. 

Information on Math Placement is available at

Foreign Languages:

Students pursuing a Bachelor of Arts must complete a foreign language through the 202-level. Students pursuing BS or BSP degrees do not have a foreign language requirement.

Spanish, French, and German languages require a placement test prior to enrollment. Information on placement testing is available at

All other languages start at the 101-level. If you believe you have experience in another language beyond the 101-level, contact the School of International Letters and Cultures regarding placement for that language.

I am on academic probation. What do I do?

At the end of each Fall and Spring semester, enrollment holds will be placed on all students who fall under Academic Probation. A scheduled academic advising appointment is required to have the hold removed.

In addition to advising, we strongly encourage you to complete a Probation Success Plan and submit it through the SGSUP Advising Forms Page. The form is a fillable Word Document that will help you identify things you can do to improve your success and provides strategies and resources.

You can find more information on Probation in the following page:

How do I know if a course will transfer to ASU?

Transfer Credit Guide

You can review your transfer coursework through the Transfer Credit Guide (TCG). The TCG will provide you with an overview of your coursework and how it is currently transferred to ASU. You can also use the page to submit courses for evaluation and review how courses outside of ASU will transfer in to the university.

You can access the TCG in the following link:

Arizona Course Equivalency Guide

Coursework taken from one of the two year institutions in Arizona can be viewed via the Course Equivalency Guide (CEG). Courses taken at one of these institutions cannot be submitted for re-evaluation through the TCG.

You can access the CEG to look up coursework via the following link:

What exams/tests qualify for ASU credit?

The following Exams/Tests are accepted by ASU for credit:

  • CLEP
  • AP
  • International Baccalaureate (IB)
  • Cambridge International

You can review the rules on exams and test scores via the following link: