Advising for MUEP Students

Staff and faculty are here to help support your progress through the Master of Urban and Environmental Planning program. Refer to this guide (separated into Academic, Career and Research) to help you determine who best to contact for your specific needs and questions.

When in doubt, please email and we will route you to the correct person. You can also refer to the SGSUP Graduate Programs Handbook and SGSUP Graduate Advising webpage for additional information, instructions and resources.

Click on the below category that best fits your question:

Academic Advising

For questions relating to requirements, policies, registration and more, please contact Fernanda Quiroz or Christopher Clanahan for assistance. If you aren't sure where your question might fall, send an email to and they will direct your question to the correct person.

Degree and Course Requirements

  MUEP degree requirements

  Accelerated degree program requirements (4+1 or IADP)

  Which electives are approved, or how to petition for approval of an elective

  How to schedule thesis defense

  Adding a graduate certificate to your experience


  How to fill out your iPOS, or solving technical issues with updating your iPOS

  Assistance with faculty advisor or supervisory committee on your iPOS

  Changing your capstone/culminating event on your iPOS

  Submitting petitions

Financial Support

  Fellowship and award applications

  Teaching Assistant (TA) applications, requirements, and assignments

  Research support funds and travel

Policy and Procedures

  Requirements for international students

  Explanation of Graduate College and ASU policies

  Leave of absence, medical/compassionate withdrawal, or program withdrawal

  Questions about graduate student forms

  Graduation and commencement questions


  Help registering for courses, or solving technical issues with registration

  Override requests or enrolling in omnibus credits (e.g., research, internship)

  Late add/drop or withdrawals

Career and Program Advising

The MUEP program is more than just a degree. Our program also works to help you prepare for the future by offering career advising. Please contact the MUEP Program Coordinator (Matthew Gomez) for assistance relating to careers and how to make the most of your time in the MUEP program. Not sure if your questions falls within the below categories? Please email for assistance.

For general career development help and resources, please see the resources listed at the bottom of this page.

Career options your degree offers

Student and professional organizations

Upcoming training, presentations, and workshops

Professional conferences (APA National, AzAPA, etc.)

American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP) certification

How to choose your culminating experience

Which planning specialization fits with your career goals

Which electives fit with your planning specialization or your other interests

Feedback about your experience in the MUEP program
Professional Advising
Career Development
Internship and Career Search
Professional Organizations

Research and Project Advising

Students who elect to complete an applied project or thesis must select a faculty advisor by the end of their first year. Please reach out to your faculty advisor or Matthew Gomez for topics related to the following:

Supervision of Applied Project or Thesis

Getting your PhD to become a professional researcher or an academic

Career Development Resources

Are you ready to start applying for an internship or your first planning job? The below resources can help guide you in finding the right position, preparing your application and help you feel fulfilled in your career choices!

Planning Careers

  • Learn more about what planners do, areas of expertise, and more, with this resource from the American Planning Association
  • See the American Collegiate Schools of Planning career guidance page.
  • Learning doesn't have to end after graduation! Earning an AICP certification after graduation can be beneficial to a planner's career. There are also advanced specialty certifications available for those wanting to specialize.
  • Learn more about the different areas of specialization in the planning field here
  • Joining the American Planning Association gives you access to numerous professional benefits. It's free if you're a student: APA Student Membership
  • Be sure to attend the ASU Planning Career Meet and Mingle! This is a great way to learn about the profession, to network, and find out about upcoming internship or job openings. It happens every year in late February or early March.
  • Make frequent visits to our school's web site for current internship and employment opportunities.
  • Planning in Plain English by Natalie Macris. This is a writing resource to take with you for your first job!
  • Grow your network and connect with other students and program alumni by joining our MUEP LinkedIn Group.

General Advice