John F. Lounsbury

The John F. Lounsbury Student Travel Fellowship finances the travel of outstanding new graduate students to present results of their research at professional meetings. This fund helps students gain visibilty in the discipline and increase their job prospects.

The fund honors John Lounsbury, a leader in developing the Department of Geography at Arizona State University into a nationally ranked teaching, research and service center. Dr. Lounsbury arrived at ASU in 1969 to serve as chair of the Department, and remained a faculty member until his retirement in 1987.

The School Director, in consultation with the Graduate Recruitment and Admissions Committee, identifies top graduate program applicants to whom the award is offered if they enroll in a Geographical Sciences graduate program.

Award Recipients:


Jonathan Bratt, Wei Kang, Marynia Kolak, Levi Wolf


Xin Feng, Heather Fischer, Levi Wolf, Qunshan Zhao


Melissa Wagner


Renee Elder, Kevin Kane, Michael Palmer


Stephanie Kleinschmidt


Scott Warren, Wan Yu


Paul Padegimas, Dorothy Ibes


Adam Kalkstein, Timothy Leslie