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Our alumni are an integral part of the school.

Are you an alumnus?  Keep the connection going by attending school events, such as colloquia, Homecoming and Open Door. 

For more information about opportunities and resources for alumni, please visit ASU's alumni web site. For school news, follow us on social media (including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube), or subscribe to our weekly newsletter, 'SGSUP's On the Map.' 
How else can you stay involved?
  • Be a guest speaker in a class
  • Set up an internship and work with our current students
  • Participate in one of our annual career fairs
  • Make a financial donation

If you are interested in any of these opportunities, please contact us today!

Alumni News

ASU alumni couple Brian and Leah Swanton's love for each other and the institution that brought them together inspired the creation of a new endowment for urban planning students starting fall 2020.

Researchers have long understood that corruption and illicit activity play a role in global environmental and sustainability change, but due to its hidden and dangerous nature, quantifying th

Whether it’s finding ways to make cities more livable, or studying how human activity impacts the natural worl

Alumni Directory

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Find a classmate, or explore our alumni’s career directions

Meet our Alumni

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Read short profiles of alumni -- and their insights on their studies and their careers


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Alumni – are you working on developing your career? Find resources here.

Geography and Planning Alumni: Where are they now?

Are you on this map? We'd like to make it more complete and up-to-date! If you're a graduate of ASU with a degree in planning, geography or GIS, complete this short form to provide information we can add to the map. Updates occur in January and June of each year.