How To: Guides

The "How To" Guides provide instructions on completing important administrative tasks such as submitting a plan of study or making a travel request.

How to: iPOS navigate, submit, and change your iPOS. Graduate students are required to complete their iPOS in their first enrolled semester.

How to: Advisor and Committee establish and update your faculty advisors

How to: Choose a Culminating Experience flowchart to guide MUEP students in choosing a final project

How to: Masters In Passing apply for a Masters in Passing (Geography doctoral students)

How to: Develop a Research Question suggested timeline and tutorials for preparing thesis proposal and research

How to: Thesis and Dissertation schedule, hold, and report your defense

How to: Format prepare your thesis or dissertation document as specified by the Graduate College

How to: MUEP Applied Project guidelines for developing and completing an applied project

How to: Travel create a travel profile, request a trip in Concur, and submit an expense report

GPSA Wellness Mentoring Compact create a healthy mentor/mentee relationship with your faculty advisor