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How To, Resources & Links

Expand the items below for more information on how to access graduate student resources around ASU. The Step-by-Step How To Guides provide instructions on completing important administrative tasks such as submitting a plan of study or making a travel request.

Step-by-Step How To Guides

Step-by-Step How To Guides

How to: iPOS navigate, submit, and change your iPOS

How to: Advisor and Committee establish and update your faculty advisors

How to: Choose a Culminating Experience flowchart to guide MUEP students in choosing a final project

How to: Masters In Passing apply for a Masters in Passing (Geography doctoral students)

How to: Develop a Research Question suggested timeline and tutorials for preparing thesis proposal and research

How to: Thesis and Dissertation schedule, hold, and report your defense

How to: Format prepare your thesis or dissertation document as specified by the Graduate College

How to: MUEP Applied Project guidelines for developing and completing an applied project

How to: Travel create a travel profile, request a trip in Concur, and submit an expense report

How to: Student Profile create your ASU iSearch profile and get it listed in the SGSUP directory

GPSA Wellness Mentoring Compact create a healthy mentor/mentee relationship with your faculty advisor

Teaching and Professional Development

Teaching and Professional Development

SGSUP Instructional Design

Resources and training for SGSUP faculty and TAs.

Preparing Future Faculty (Graduate College)

PFx is a two credit, one-semester course, of seminars, discussions and activities designed to expose doctoral and MFA students and post-doctoral fellows more fully to an insider's view of a practicing scholar-professional. The main goal of the program is to enable participants to transition successfully to employment in an academic, alternative-academic, or nonacademic community. Students become equipped with a realistic knowledge of academic, industry, non-profit and entrepreneurial cultures and career expectations.

Instruction Junction (The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences)

One-stop shop for teaching resources in The College, including Canvas, course development, tools, and training events.

TeachTech Lab (School of Life Sciences)

Integrating evidence-based teaching practices with innovative technologies to support instructors in creating high-quality online, blended, flipped and face-to-face courses for the School of Life Sciences

College TeachT@lk Webinar (School of Life Sciences)

TeachT@lk Webinars are open to anyone, so join them for an engaging discussion! For more workshops, visit the TeachTech Canvas site.

TeachOnline (ASU Online)

TeachOnline is managed and curated by the ASU Online Instructional Design and New Media (IDNM) team. The mission of this site is to share instructional resources and online course design best practices with Higher Education professionals and online instructors.

Instruction Services (ASU Library)

Liaison librarians can come to your classes to teach your students how to use the ASU Library resources and improve research skills.  They will tailor their instruction to your research assignments and even help you create and revise assignments to more effectively teach students how to find and use information

ASU Career EDGE 

Online training tool for use university-wide, enabling learning and training opportunities. ASU Career EDGE has many features in which individuals can initiate and track training to complete annual requirements as well as ongoing non-academic training. The initial benefits of ASU Career EDGE will include numerous university-wide professional development opportunities and capability to administer and track required compliance-related training, as well as key features like a transcript and catalog of offerings. ASU employees (faculty, staff, and student) are eligible.

ASU Mentor Network

Allows students to find peers and faculty with related academic or career interests, network with alumni and match with prospective mentors based on their individualized mentoring needs.

Continuing and Professional Education

Arizona State University’s Continuing and Professional Education program provides online learning opportunities for individuals in the workforce or entering the workforce. Courses range from a variety of topics to add to or enhance your current skills. A certificate program is a series of courses that combine for advanced knowledge on a given subject.

Graduate College

Graduate College

Visit Graduate College at for questions about policies for graduate students, defense deadlines, fellowship opportunities, and professional development.

Student Health Insurance

Student Health Insurance

Questions regarding student health should be directed to ASU Health Services at Coverage options and rates are outlined at

International Students and Scholars Center

International Students and Scholars Center

ISSC provides support and resources to international students. Visit for advising on maintaining visa status, employment, and other resources.

Parking and Transportation

Parking and Transportation

Visit ASU Parking and Transportation at for information on transportation options and parking on campus.

Graduate and Professional Student Association

Graduate and Professional Student Association

GPSA provides helpful information, support, and resources for graduate students at

Student Business Services

Student Business Services

Visit Student Business Services at for questions regarding student account balances, billing of tuition and fees, and payment options.

Office of the Registrar

Office of the Registrar

Visit the Office of the Registrar at for questions about establishing residency, graduation, or enrollment verifications.