YouthMappers at ASU

What is YouthMappers?

YouthMappers is an international university consortium on Mapping for Resilience. The consortium organizes a global community of learners, researchers, educators, and scholars to create and use open geographic data that directly address locally defined development challenges worldwide.

What does YouthMappers support?

The program supports university efforts to offer meaningful global learning experiences, build a socially engaged citizenry, enhance long-term scientific capacity around the world, and foster youth leadership.

What is a Mapathon?

A mapathon is a coordinated mapping event. The public is invited to make online map improvements in a local or international area to improve coverage and to help disaster risk assessment and energy management.

Who can join YouthMappers?

Students (including graduate and online) and their faculty advisors from universities worldwide are invited to join YouthMappers and they can connect with their peers around the world.

What tasks have YouthMappers at ASU volunteered on?

YouthMappers at ASU is one of the newest chapters of YouthMappers amongst 372 universities in 72 countries. It was established in early 2019. Since it was established, YouthMappers at ASU has hosted Mapathons on Heat Related Indoor Deaths, Pedestrian Deaths and Toddler Drownings projects in different locations around Maricopa County, Arizona. YouthMappers at ASU also supported international mapping such as flooding prevention mapping in the Philippines and hurricane relief in the Caribbean. Outside of our Mapathons, chapter members volunteer their free time to contribute to mapping efforts while representing the chapter and ASU.

What can you gain?

- Broadening your knowledge in GIS, and Spatial Analysis
- Expanding your network
- Gaining problem solving skills
- Making an impact in the world through mapping


Faculty Liaison: Patricia Solis,