Graduate Certificate

Geographic Information Science

Complement your graduate degree with in-demand professional skills. The growth of geographical data from cell phones, satellites, big data and Google Maps is expected to continue at a higher than average pace (, and that means an increased market demand for people trained in the spatial analysis skills.


MA Geography

Come discover geographical sciences at ASU. This master's degree program offers a unique learning environment that places your focus on location --- the heart of geography, urban planning, climatology and geographic information science. With that foundation, you can tackle some of the most pressing environmental and societal challenges facing our world today.

Earn your professional degree in one year with this master's degree program. The job market in GIS is red-hot; our students have consistently landed rewarding positions in the Phoenix area and throughout the world. The MAS GIS is a STEM-designated degree program.

Want to make an impact? The master's degree in urban and environmental planning prepares you to enter the workforce, impact your community and become a leader in the planning profession. Through small classes and real-world projects, this two-year professional degree program equips you to solve complex issues in diverse communities.

Ready to apply state-of-the-art geospatial analysis methods to social, economic and environmental problems? Be part of the solution by joining a school filled with innovative faculty within the discipline and leading research centers that are forging this path of discovery.

Get on the map! This PhD program offers a unique research environment that places your focus on location --- the heart of geography, urban planning, climatology and GIS. Here, you can engage with distinguished faculty to tackle the pressing environmental and societal challenges facing the world today.

Learn how to use geography and planning to solve complex challenges. Our interdisciplinary program is a laboratory for engaging in pressing issues related to planning, including autonomous vehicles, climate change and social equity.

Graduate Certificate

Social Science Research Methods

Are you fascinated by the causes and consequences of human thought and behavior? You may be a social scientist. Boost your data analysis credentials with social science research methods. These skills are highly valued and transferable in the corporate world and in academia.

ASU faculty are advancing transportation research in critical areas, and they will guide you as you learn to analyze transportation in relation to numerous other aspects central to modern life.