Graduate Resources

Expand the items below for more information on how to access graduate student resources around ASU. 

Orientation (PhD programs, MA in Geography, MUEP)

An orientation session is held each Fall at the start of the semester. It is required for all new students in the Master of Urban and Environmental Planning, MA in geography, and PhD programs. Details of the orientation will be sent by email to students.

Health Insurance

If you would like to enroll in ASU Health Coverage:

  1. Using your ASURITE ID, log in at
  2. Under My Accounts, click on Student Health Insurance, then click Enroll/Cancel Student Health Insurance

Students who elect health insurance for the fall semester will automatically be enrolled for health insurance for the spring semester and summer sessions. International students are required to have ASU student health insurance. The university is no longer accepting outside carriers for meeting the insurance requirement for international students. If you are a Teaching Assistant or Research Assistant the cost of health insurance is waived, but you will still need to elect coverage from My ASU (see above). Rates and coverage details can be found here.

Questions regarding the general student health insurance coverage should be directed to the ASU Health Services at (480) 965-2411 or visit


Immunization records must be submitted prior to course registration. For information about immunizations and to download an Immunization Record Submission form, please go here.

Questions regarding immunizations and health services should be directed to Student Health at (480) 965-3346.

International Students

As an international student, you will want to review the ISSC website. There are many resources available on this website. You will want to be in contact with an ISO advisor from time to time to make sure everything is up to date with your information. There are regulations as to how many credits you must be enrolled in (at least 9, or 6 if working as an TA/RA), how many hours you may work, and health insurance. All international students must enroll in the ASU health insurance plan, and cost for medical coverage is included in the registration billing.

Financial Assistance & Student Business Services

Information about financial assistance can be found at Tuition and Aid. You will need to complete a Federal Application for Financial Student Assistance (FAFSA) which can be found here.

Questions regarding student financial aid should be directed to the Financial Aid office at (855) 278-5080.

Visit Student Business Services at for questions regarding student account balances, billing of tuition and fees, and payment options.

Teaching Assistants

If you have been hired as a teaching assistant (TA) and have not completed the Graduate Assistant Training program you are required to do so before you begin teaching. Information on the Graduate Assistant Training program can be found here.

International students are required to take the SPEAK test before accepting a TA position. Please visit the Global Launch website for more information related to testing dates and minimum requirements.

ASU Sun Card ID

You will need to get an ASU Sun card ID once you are on campus. For more information see

Parking and Transportation

If you plan to park on ASU's campus, you will need to purchase a parking permit. Please see the Parking and Transportation website for more information on transportation and parking permits at

Questions regarding parking or transit should be directed to the Parking and Transportation office at (480) 965-6124.

Graduate and Professional Student Association

Helpful information, support and resources for graduate students can be found at the Graduate and Professional Student Association's web site, at

Graduate College

Visit Graduate College at for questions about policies for graduate students, defense deadlines, fellowship opportunities, and professional development.

Office of the Registrar

Visit the Office of the Registrar at for questions about establishing residency, graduation, or enrollment verification.

More Information

For more details about resources available to graduate students, as well as school policies and program requirements, see the SGSUP Graduate Programs Handbook.