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484 or 584: Internship Credit Application – Internship Plan

At the School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning, the internship is combined with academic coursework that encourages critical reflection on the internship experience while adding to a student’s professional development. The School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning, reviews each internship application carefully to monitor that the experience is an extension of the classroom.

Check out the SGSUP Internship postings for weekly updates of new opportunities!

General Information

  • The student is responsible for finding and securing placement in their desired internship experience. SGSUP does NOT place a student in an internship.
  • Students cannot earn internship credit for duties performed as part of their current employment.
  • The experience must correspond with an ASU C session term such as spring (Jan – May), summer (May – July), fall (Aug – Dec).
  • Students must have both an approved internship and completed Internship Plan submitted by the application deadlines.
  • Student will be cleared to register for credit after all materials are submitted through the Internship Plan, pending approval from the SGSUP Internship Coordinator, the student's mentioned internship supervisor, and ASU administration.
  • See "Application Materials” and “Term Application Deadlines" sections of this site for direction on how and when to submit internship materials.
  • No retroactive credit can be issued.
  • The internship must have a direct and clear connection to the student’s major/minor/or certificate that it’s being applied to.
  • Students can only earn credit with one organization per semester. 
  • Undergraduate students pursuing academic credit through a multi-semester internship with the same employer need to submit a new Internship Plan Application for each semester. Each application should provide evidence of their task progression.
  • International undergraduate/graduate students must ensure that internship credit can be applied towards their DARS/iPOS (Individual Plan of Study). If this credit cannot be utilized, approval cannot be granted for the internship course.

International Students - Check your eligibility to use Curricular Practical Training (CPT) for your internship prior to submitting your Internship Plan.

Submitting an internship plan does not guarantee approval

Submitting an Internship Plan to enroll into the 484 or 584 course, does NOT guarantee approval. Enrollment into the course requires a review of a student’s application, supervisor's approval, and legal approval from ASU and/or the internship site. It is advised to submit an Internship Plan as soon as possible due to the time it can take for a student’s application to be reviewed. Without approval from all necessary individuals, a student might not be eligible to complete their enrollment into the 484 or 584 course.

Students do not automatically earn credit for only completing their internship. Students are required to participate and complete all the assignments associated with the 484 or 584 course while simultaneously completing their internship.

Course Overviews
Review the following course overview to know more about the content, coursework, and time management expectation for the internship course.

Internship Guidelines

Prior to submitting your Internship Plan and to help guide you during your internship search, review the following links to know the School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning specifics for; Internship Standards, Excluded Practices, and Compensation Policy.

Term Application Deadlines

Spring (Jan - May) Due Dec 5

Summer (May - July) Due Apr 25

Fall (Aug – Dec) Due Aug 1

If you need to register for GIS/GPH/GCU/PUP 484 or 584 but cannot meet the application deadline dates, email: prior to the posted term application deadline about your situation.

484: Petition for Work Variance

Undergraduate students who wish to complete an internship at the location where they currently work must submit a petition to request utilizing work variance for potential enrollment into an SGSUP internship course. The purpose of work variance is to allow the student to demonstrate new responsibilities, projects, and assignments that significantly differ from their current responsibilities. The student’s internship experience must build upon competencies and skill areas that they are not familiar with within their current position. Also, work variance requires the student to be supervised by an alternative person throughout their internship who is not their current supervisor.

Students are only allowed a one-time use of work variance towards enrollment into an SGSUP internship course. The petition outcome is final.
If the petition is approved, students will have additional forms to complete after this petition and before they can potentially enroll in the SGSUP internship course.

Undergraduate students must meet the following requirements to submit a petition for work variance.

  • A minimum of 90 credit hours completed towards their current SGSUP degree.
  • Student has been employed at their work for a minimum of 6 months prior to submitting the work variance petition.
  • Not completing an SGSUP internship course may delay or prevent graduation.
  • Enrollment into an SGSUP internship course will satisfy a graduation requirement for an SGSUP degree. Work variance will not be approved to satisfy non-major electives.
  • Petition for Work Variance follows the same term application deadlines as the Internship Plan.

Hours used to determine internship credit will not include the normal working schedule. The variance will only review hours beyond the normal working schedule over the course of the semester. 

Submit Work Variance Petition

Application Materials for the Internship Plan

All application materials for the Internship Plan must be submitted by the Term Application Deadline for the term you plan to complete the internship during.

  • Secure an internship. SGSUP does not place you in an internship.
  • Notify your internship supervisor that you are applying to earn academic credit while you’re completing the internship and they will be contacted via Adobe Sign from SGSUP to confirm your Internship Plan and any other details they are required to provide.
  • Which internship course you will be enrolling into (GCU, GPH, GIS, PUP) (484 or 584)
  • How many credits will you be enrolling for. Refer to our Earning Credit for an Internship page to know the amount of working hours that are required per academic credit.
  • Company location and supervisor contact information.
  • How will you be participating in the internship – In person, remote, or a hybrid of both.
  • Compensation – Paid or unpaid.
  • Student's will not be able to submit an Internship Plan without the following required documentation. Students who have previously completed an SGSUP 484 or 584 successfully and would like to retake it for a new or on-going internship are still required to submit all required documents in their Internship Plan.
  • Attach the following official documentation in the plan:
    • Official Internship Description/Posting
      • Obtained from the company website or HR department. If the company does not have an official posting then you can use the  Sample Internship Description for a template to complete with your supervisor prior to submitting the Internship Plan. Uploaded file must be in pdf format with the following file name: Intern_Description_LastName_FirstName.pdf
    • Internship Offer Letter
      • File upload for Internship Offer Letter. If the company does not have an official offer letter then you can use the  Intern Offer Letter Template to complete with your supervisor prior to submitting the Internship Plan.The letter must be on official company letterhead and signed by the employer. Uploaded file must be in pdf format with the following file name: Intern_Offer_Letter_LastName_FirstName.pdf
    • Personal Statement: Describe the specific applicability of the internship to your academic program and how it will provide learning beyond the classroom. How does it relate to your major?
      • Use the Personal Statement Template to provide a brief response to the prompt which you will include in the Internship Plan. Uploaded file must be in pdf format with the following file name: Personal_Statement_LastName_FirstName.pdf

(Internship Host is define as the company, non-profit, government agency, organization, or department the student will be completing an internship for.)
SGSUP will contact you for clarification, if needed. Otherwise, after your Internship Plan has been submitted an Adobe Sign invitation will be emailed to your supervisor for their required information and signature. They will receive the “Student Placement Agreement” for unpaid internships or the "Paid Internship Agreement" for paid internships. Both forms are a required agreement between Arizona State University and the Internship Host. CAUTION: Under no circumstances will an internship be approved to earn credit without the Internship Host’s willingness to complete this form. The Internship Host may require the Student Placement Agreement or Paid Internship Agreement form to be reviewed by their legal counsel and this can take some time. 

Once SGSUP receives the completed form(s) from the Internship Host, the student will receive a confirmation e-mail from SGSUP with an approval letter and instructions to finish their enrollment into the internship course.

GCU/GPH/GIS/PUP 484/584: Submit Internship Plan For Fall 2024

MAS-GIS students: Please contact Stephanie Deitrick ( about submitting an Internship Plan for GIS 684.