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Finding an Internship

Internships help students make more informed career choices, apply theory learned in the classroom to a real-world setting, and enhance their employment opportunities. The School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning encourages students to seek out and participate in internships. Finding an internship requires preparation and commitment, so if you'd like to do an internship, plan to begin working on the search 2-4 months before you hope to be an intern.

How can I prepare for an internship search?

  1. Reflection: To help direct your internship search, reflect on what you hope to gain from an internship, what type of setting and experience you hope for, and how much time you're able to commit to an internship.
  2. Resume: A resume is a tool to tell a prospective employer or internship host about yourself and your interests. The resume you'll use to seek out an internship should emphasize experience relevant to the type of internship you're seekingcourses, class projects, volunteer activitiesas well as giving information about your employment history. Here's a sample resume that's a good model for geography and urban planning internships.  In addition, ASU's Career and Professional Development Services offers excellent resources for preparing a resume: See resume information online, or use Handshake to schedule a one-on-one resume review.  Here's a blog with good tips for a student or new graduate resume. (For some internships, you'll need -- or might want to include -- a cover letter.  Here are guidelines and examples of cover letters.)
  3. Credit requirements: Internships relevant to Geography, Urban Planning, and/or GIS are eligible for undergraduate or graduate-level credit. Learn how you can earn credit for an internship.
  4. Register on ASU's Handshake:  Handshake is an online resource site provided by ASU's Career and Professional Development Services. To get started using it, you only need to enter your name and major.  Use Handshake to schedule appointments with career advisors regarding career interests, resume and cover letter review, networking, interview preparation and more.

Where can I search for an internship?

  1. Check the SGSUP Internships page for a selection of internships relevant to Geography, Urban Planning, and/or GIS. Postings are updated weekly!
  2. Register for ASU's Handshake. After you set up your ASU Handshake profile, you can browse and set email alerts for internship or job postings, post your resume for employers to see, receive emails about upcoming career events, and apply for jobs and internships as they are posted.
  3. The sites listed on the lower part of our Internships page give information about additional local, national and international internship opportunities.
  4. Many students arrange internships independently, by contacting organizations where they have an interest in interning. Before you contact a potential internship site, you should definitely have a resume that clearly summarizes your experience. Also, read the Internship Credit Application page so you know what’s required in order to earn credit for an internship, and can explain this to a potential mentor. It's a good idea to prepare an email note to introduce yourself. Here's a sample of an exploratory note. For more guidance on this approach, make an appointment with the SGSUP Internship and Career Coordinator (see below).

Where can I get advice?

If you have questions about the internship search, a potential internship, or any other internship topics, make a Zoom or phone appointment with Erin Murphy, Coordinator of Internships & Careers in geography, GIS and planning, here.  

For quick questions, email