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Excluded Practices

The School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning cannot approve the following experiences as internships for credit:

  • Students cannot earn internship credit for duties performed as part of their current full-time position.
  • The work performed by an intern that would primarily benefit the employer in a way that does not also advance the education of the student. An internship must be primarily a learning experience for the student.
  • Experiences which involve door to door solicitation/sales, or that require students to market goods/services/brands to university students on campus.
  • Experiences with organizations that have existed for fewer than five years, and/or with fewer than 3 full-time employees.
  • Interns are prohibited from working or meeting in an employer’s private residence.
  • Internships with individual consultants, contractors, or faculty members. The internship needs to be with an organization, not an individual.
  • Students may not intern for themselves, a family member or relative, a friend, a significant other, a current ASU student, or any person that they have a relationship with that may be deemed as a conflict of interest (such as a coach, future in-law, or any person who reports directly or indirectly to any of the above).
  • Experiences focused exclusively on manual labor (for example: working on a farm doing the work of weeding, planting, etc.). There must be additional projects and learning opportunities.
  • Internship organization needs to be a legally established/incorporated and insured business or non-profit (not an uninsured sole proprietorship).
  • Internships involving the sale or distribution of medical marijuana. The possession or use of marijuana on ASU’s campus is illegal under state law, the use of marijuana is illegal under federal law, and ASU complies with the Drug-Free Schools and Campuses Act.