Welcome to SGSUP Undergraduate Advising!

Do you need help understanding course requirements or making sure you’re on track for graduation? You’ve come to the right place! If you are pursuing a major, minor or certificate in geography, GIS or urban planning, our academic advisors are here to help achieve your goals.

Continue down this page for information on how to set up an appointment and meet your SGSUP advisors!

Is this your first year at ASU?

First-year students (not including new transfer students or online students) receive advising support in Armstrong Hall.

First-year student advising

Contact an advisor


Have a quick question or urgent concern? Email is the quickest way to get in touch with your academic advisors. Our advisors are committed to responding to your email within one business day, however, an advisor is likely to respond much quicker!

Email your advisors at SGSUP.Advising@asu.edu.

Campus Student

Schedule an Appointment

Campus students can use the below link to schedule an in-person academic advising appointment.  

Schedule an appointment

Please note: Campus Student appointments can be conducted via in-person, online or call-in. Online and call-in appointments are conducted via Zoom. You will receive an email prior to your appointment with directions and links. Instructions on installing and using the Zoom Meeting Client can be found at the ASU Zoom Page.

In-person appointments are held in Lattie F. Coor Building (COOR), 5th Floor. Please visit the front desk to check in.

If you're seeking graduate advising, please click here: Graduate Advising

ASU Online Students

Schedule an Appointment

ASU Online students can use the below link to schedule a one-on-one advising appointment.

Schedule an appointment

All ASU Online advising appointments will be conducted using ZOOM

Instructions on installing and using the ZOOM Meeting Client can be found at https://asu.zoom.us

Internships and Careers

If you have questions about the internships or careers, you can schedule a career appointment with ASU Career and Professional Development Services, here.  

For quick questions, email sgsup.careeradvising@asu.edu.

Meet your advisors

Meet your career services advisor

SGSUP Careers and Internships

Whether you are looking for an internship, preparing to enter the job market, or looking for advice, you can schedule an appointment with ASU Career and Professional Development Services, click here.  

For quick questions, email sgsup.careeradvising@asu.edu.

Current internships

Current job opportunities