Master of Urban and Environmental Planning - Frequently Asked Questions

Is my undergraduate major adequate preparation for an urban planning degree?

The program draws students from a wide range of undergraduate majors including architecture and design, the social sciences, economics, finance and sustainability. Students’ diverse undergraduate backgrounds are valued.

Is there a minimum GRE score for admission to the MUEP program?

No, but competitive applicants have achieved the following scores or higher:

Fall 2018
Verbal                  154
Quantitative       155
Writing                 4.0

Fall 2019
Verbal                  153
Quantitative       153
Writing                 3.9

What is your GRE exam institutional code number?


I am taking the GRE exam later than the January 15 application deadline. Will my application be reviewed?

Only complete applications will be reviewed by the admissions committee. Applications will be reviewed when the GRE scores are received.

What additional exams are required for non-English speaking students for admission to the MUEP program?

Competitive applicants have achieved an average of 95 on the TOEFL or 6.5 on the IELTS. Please visit Graduate Admission English Proficiency for university requirements and more detailed information on demonstrating English proficiency, including waiver eligibility.

Is there a deadline to apply?

January 15 is the priority funding deadline.  Applications for the MUEP program that are completed by this date will be considered for funding. Applications received after January 15 may be reviewed only if space is available in the program. Only complete applications will be reviewed.

What do you mean by a “Complete Application”?

A complete application includes all of the following items:

    • Graduate Admissions application form
    • Official transcripts
    • Official GRE scores 
    • Official English proficiency scores (if required)
    • Resume or CV
    • Personal statement
    • Three letters of recommendation

All items must be received by ASU Graduate Admissions in order for the application to be considered complete.

Is there a program fee?

Yes. The MUEP program fee is $1750 per semester. Visit the Tuition Estimator to calculate complete program costs including tuition and fees.

What types of financial aid do you provide?

We consider all applicants meeting the January 15 deadline for funding packages. This funding is competitive. We offer a mix of one- or two-year packages in the form of 10hr/week (quarter-time) or 20hr/week (half-time) teaching assistantships. Quarter-time TAs receive 50% tuition remission, and half-time TAs receive 100% tuition remission. Students who are not awarded a funding package may apply for TA appointments on a semester-by-semester basis.

Additionally, the Planning Department offers some scholarship funding for graduate students in the program. For more information about those specific scholarships please see our Awards page for more information.

Do I need to submit a separate application to be considered for a financial award?

We do not offer need-based financial aid. Rather, we offer merit-based fellowships and teaching assistantships. Assistantships typically require ten hours of work per week and include a partial waiver of tuition. Information on need-based financial aid (grants and loans) is available from ASU Financial Aid. U.S. citizens and permanent residents should file the FAFSA form.

Do you offer admission for the spring semester?

Very rarely. Our graduate programs are designed to start in the Fall semester.

Should I include a portfolio?

It is not necessary; the MUEP is not a design degree. Your carefully crafted personal statement is sufficient.

What is the minimum GPA you will accept?

Graduate Admissions requires a minimum 3.0 GPA. Occasionally we admit students with lower GPAs if they have significant professional experience, a strong statement of purpose, outstanding recommendations, or other extraordinary qualifications.

Whom should I ask to send letters of recommendation?

The primary purpose of the letters of recommendation is to help us to determine your ability to successfully complete the master’s program and your potential to make significant academic contributions. At least two of your letters should be from academic sources. Applicants with extensive professional experience are likely to have their remaining letter from supervisors; applicants with less experience may have all three of their letters from academic sources. Most importantly, your letters should be from references who know you well enough to say specific things about your abilities, accomplishments, and professional potential.

Are there any courses I should take to prepare for the MUEP program?

Students must have successfully completed a course in statistics before entering into the MUEP program. The curriculum assumes a general knowledge of statistics. The statistics course must be completed with a grade of “C” or above and must be on an official transcript. Statistics courses can be completed at any accredited university or community college. The statistics prerequisite cannot be used toward meeting the 47 credit hours required for the MUEP program. Below are some suggested statistics courses at ASU. This list is not exhaustive or comprehensive. These are suggested courses only:

COE 502Introduction to Data Analysis
EDP 454Statistical Data Analysis in Education
PLB 430Statistical Analyses in Environmental Science
POS 401Political Statistics
PSY 330Statistical Methods
SOC 390Social Statistics I
STP 420Introductory Applied Statistics


Is the MUEP a STEM designated degree?

“STEM” refers to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, an acronym popularized by the National Science Foundation. The MUEP degree is not a STEM designated degree, though the Master of Advanced Study in Geographic Information Systems degree program is STEM designated.