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Undergraduate Admission

ASU’s School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning provides an opportunity for study in a wide range of exciting areas, including population and migration, environmental and landscape dynamics, geographic information science and technology, meteorology and climatology, and urban and regional geography. We offer a bachelor of arts degree as well as bachelor of science degrees (with various concentrations) in Geography in addition to a bachelor of science in Urban Planning and a bachelor of science in Geographic Information Science. For entry into one of these undergraduate programs, you’ll begin with the University’s online application process.

Graduate Admission

Within the School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning at ASU, we offer master’s and doctoral degrees in geography, a PhD in Urban Planning, a master’s of Urban and Environmental Planning (MUEP) and a Master’s of Advanced Study (MAS) in Geographic Information Systems as well as various concurrent degree programs. Applicants must meet the Graduate College admission criteria and complete ASU's online Graduate Education application.