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Professors Emeriti

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Frank Aldrich
Professor Emeritus

Aldrich served ASU as a faculty member at ASU from 1969 to 2000. He pioneered the field of GIS at ASU, acquiring the university’s first geographic information systems software and developing coursework in this area.

Daniel Arreola
Professor Emeritus

Arreola is a cultural geographer who specializes in the study of the Mexican American borderlands.

Anthony Brazel
Professor Emeritus

Brazel is a geographer and climatologist who has written more than 180 professional articles and reports on climate, focusing primarily at the local and regional scale.

Elizabeth Burns
Professor Emerita

Burns is a professor emerita. During her time as professor, she focused her work and studies on issues pertaining to urban, land use, and transportation.

Malcolm Comeaux
Professor Emeritus

Comeaux's work has focused on cultural and historical geography in the American Southwest, French Louisiana and Europe.

Katherine Crewe
Professor Emerita

Crewe's scholarship addresses the fields of planning and urban design, with an emphasis on gender and the needs of local communities.

Hemalata Dandekar
Professor Emerita

Dandekar served as director and professor of ASU’s Department of Planning from 2002-2009. Her work focused on international development planning, planning methods, gender and environment and housing.

Patricia Fall
Professor Emerita

While at ASU, Fall directed the Laboratory of Palynology and Paleoecology. Her work focused on biogeography, human impact on ancient and modern environments, and paleoecology of Pacific Islands and the Mediterranean Basin.

Robert Mings
Professor Emeritus

Mings served as a professor at ASU from 1970 to 1997. His teaching included world regional geography, Latin America, recreation, and research methods. He helped found and remains active with the Arizona Geographic Alliance.

David Pijawka
Professor Emeritus

Pijawka's research focuses on sustainable planning and design, disaster management and recovery, environmental justice, and Native American community planning.

Douglas Webster
Professor Emeritus

Webster's current interests are in comparative city building and urban dynamics, urban competitiveness and resilience, and peri-urbanization with a primary geographic focus on East Asia.

Ruth Yabes
Professor Emerita

Yabes, a professor emerita of planning, taught a variety of planning courses during her time at Arizona State University, including several with an international focus on planning.