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Planning Project Showcase

The Planning Project Showcase includes examples of projects involving urban planning students in the School of Geographical Sciences & Urban Planning.

MUEP Planning Workshop

One of the culminating experience options for students in the Master of Urban and Environmental Planning (MUEP) program is PUP 580 - Planning Workshop. The workshop immerses students in a real-world planning context to provide an integrative academic and professional experience. Working as a team, students define the problem scope and apply appropriate methodologies to identify a solution or recommendations. The final products for the course typically consist of a professional report and presentation.

MUEP Thesis and Applied Projects

Students in the Master of Urban and Environmental Planning (MUEP) program also have the option to complete an individualized project as their culminating experience. They can choose to participate in PUP 593 Applied Project or PUP 599 Master’s Thesis.

The master’s thesis is an extensive piece of original research that demonstrates the capability of the student to act as an independent scholar.

The applied project involves the application of advanced planning methodologies to a specific, real-world planning problem and is prepared for a planning-related organization (the client). 

Title of Project Name Year GraduatedSemester Graduated
Toward Resiliency: Report on the Visioning Workshop District 6 Chapters of the Navajo NationHannah Trostle2020Spring 
An illusion of affordability: the economic costs of heat exposure for mobile housing in the Phoenix Metropolitan AreaKatsiaryna Varfalameyeva2020Spring
Logistic Model of Pedestrian Crash Characteristics in the City of PhoenixBrian Peck2020Spring 
Pedestrian Safety:  The Effect of the Built Environment and Land Use on Pedestrian Crashes in Phoenix, ArizonaChloe Durfee-Sherman2020Spring 
Urgent Care Centers in Maricopa County, ArizonaKevin Carranza2020Spring 
Camp Verde Urban Upland Trail PlanMichael Schwartz2020Spring 
Mapping 1940 Diversity for Beth Hebrew Synagogue in Phoenix, ArizonaKelly Bitler2020Spring 
Accessibility Audit ToolJonathan Garrett2020Spring 
A Social-Ecological System Approach for Forest Resource Management of the Himchari National Park in BangladeshYousuf Mahid2020Spring 
Disparities in Access to Healthy Food: Exploring the Spatial Access Patterns of Local and Conventional Food Systems in MaricopaMastura Safayet2020Fall 
Mobile Home Parks, RV Parks, and the Future of Affordable Housing  in Apache Junction, ArizonaMaggie Dellow2019Spring 
Arizona Exposition and State FairgroundsCatyana Falsetti2018Fall 
Analysis of Housing Opportunity in the Phoenix Metropolitan AreaJinwen Xu2017Fall 
The High Cost of Unaffordable Housing in Ketchum, IdahoGenevieve Pearthree2017Spring 
Ramsey Park North Master PlanEileen Bow Baden2012Spring 



Planning Projects in the Classroom

In addition to the projects above, many of our faculty also incorporate real-world planning projects into the classroom. These can help provide students with experiential learning experiences and prepare them for the types of projects that they might participate in as a planner.