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MUEP Planning Workshop - Spring 2020

Design Principles and Guidelines for the Town of Clarkdale’s Downtown District & 89A Commercial Corridor

During Spring 2020, MUEP students in the Planning Workshop worked with the Town of Clarkdale to create a set of design guidelines that establishes a vision and can guide future development within the town. The guidelines target two focus areas: (1) Clarkdale’s historic downtown; and (2) the portion of State Route 89A that runs through Clarkdale and serves as the regional commercial corridor throughout the Verde Valley. The primary purpose of the design principles and guidelines is to promote Clarkdale’s two main business districts (downtown and 89A) as complementary destinations, that emphasize local economic development and support Clarkdale’s live-work-play identity while preserving its small-town character.

The design guidelines are intended for use by the Town of Clarkdale, including the Town Manager, the Community Development Department and other relevant Town staff, and elected officials and appointed boards (e.g., the Design Review Committee, Plan Commission, Town Council, etc.). The design guidelines support the work of these various departments and boards/committees, contributing to a shared vision for Clarkdale. The desired outcome is for Clarkdale to be the place of choice for people to live, work, and play while preserving its historic charm and building on its seamless connectivity into the surrounding natural environment.

Read the final report here.

PUP 580: Planning Workshop

Professor: Meagan Ehlenz

Team Members: Project Cities (ASU); Town of Clarkdale (client)