Concurrent Masters Degree Program: Public Policy and Urban Planning

Through a partnership with the School of Public Affairs, students are able to concurrently earn their MUEP and a MPP, the professional degree for people who want to serve as policy analysts. Students learn analytical techniques and conceptual frameworks for understanding policy issues and identifying potential solutions for real-world issues, with a particular focus on the needs of cities. The two programs help students develop expertise as urban planners and policy analysts, able to formulate, evaluate, and implement public policy at all levels of government and in the private and non-profit sectors.

ASU offers students the opportunity to approach policy analysis with a variety of quantitative and qualitative methods and be prepared to develop innovative processes and tools to deal with changing realities of cities. Through the concurrent degree program, students will earn both a Master in Urban and Environmental Planning (MUEP) and a Master’s in Public Policy in a 3 year period.

How to apply

Concurrent applicants will need to apply to each degree program separately, and must meet the admissions criteria for each program. If you are considering a concurrent degree you should apply to both programs as soon as possible, because course work in a degree program completed before admission to that degree program will not be counted towards the concurrent degree unless you are enrolled in both programs.

If you are already enrolled in one program and are interested in pursuing the other degree, you only need to complete the application for the second degree program. To facilitate the admissions process, let the advisor in your current program know that you are interested in earning concurrent degrees, and are applying to the second program.

MUEP - Application Requirements

MPP – Application Requirements

After being admitted

After you have been admitted to both programs, notify both schools. Each school will then send a letter informing Graduate College that you have approval to pursue the concurrent degrees. The Graduate College will then register you in the Concurrent Degree Program.

Degree requirements

The concurrent degree curriculum is intended to be completed within 3 academic years. The concurrent degree requirements are as follows:

Credit Hours

MPP degree credit hours


MUEP degree credit hours


MPP/MUEP concurrently in total requires


Credit hours shared by concurrent arrangement (20%)


Total credit hours required for MPP/MUEP


The following are the courses which will be shared concurrently between the MUEP and the MPP degree programs.

PAF 501 Public Service Research I

3.0 credits

Year One

PUP 642 Urban and Regional Land Economics;
OR PAF 570 Microeconomics of Public Policy II

3.0 credits

Year Two

PAF 571 Geographic Information Systems and Analysis

3.0 credits

Year Two

MUEP Graduate Elective

3.0 credits

Year Two

MUEP Graduate Elective

3.0 credits

Year Three

Approved PAF or MUEP Graduate Elective

3.0 credits

Year Three

Please refer to these resources to be sure you are aware of the degree requirements for each degree program for the year in which you enroll.

MUEP - Degree Requirements

MPP - Degree Requirements

MUEP/MPP Plan of Study

More information

For more information about each respective program, contact:

School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning
School of Public Affairs