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SGSUP 2020 Summer Internship Program

Arizona State University students have the opportunity to apply and compete for summer internships through the School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning. The internship program offers students the opportunity for hands-on experience in a variety of specialized fields and will provide skills training applicable to any field. Undergraduate and graduate students are eligible to apply for this experiential and educational opportunity. 

Students participating in the SGSUP 2020 Summer Internship Program can choose to receive a $1,000 scholarship or academic credit. 

Expected duration of all internships is 8-10 weeks (June 1 through early August), but will vary based on the nature of each project, and students' schedules and existing obligations will be considered.

Interns earn these benefits:

  • Career-relevant work experience and skills
  • An opportunity to engage in research projects with leading scholars
  • Develop critical skills to build your resume for a great career start and advancement
  • The benefits earned from working closely with faculty mentors
  • A scholarship of $1,000 OR academic credit


The SGSUP Summer 2020 Internship Program is open to all Arizona State University students who meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Eligible student candidates must be admitted and enrolled at ASU
  • Graduate, 4+1 accelerated degree candidates, undergraduate, and international students are all eligible to apply
  • Undergraduate students must have achieved a minimum of 75 credits toward the 120 credit ASU degree.  A second semester junior or senior student in first or second semester is eligible.
  • Students must have earned and maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher at ASU, as evidenced on their resume


The following opportunities are currently available to interested students.

Project TitleFaculty AdvisorAvailable for scholarship?Available for course credit?Available to ASU Online?
Examining the Impacts of COVID-19 on University Policies and Student HousingDr. Meagan Ehlenz (Assistant Professor, SGSUP) with mentoring from Dr. Sarah Mawhorter (Post-Doctoral Scholar, the University of Southern California)YesYesYes
Capturing and Processing Drone Imagery and DataDr. Amy Frazier (Assistant Professor, SGSUP) with mentoring from Dr. Kunwar Singh (Geospatial Scientist at AidData, The College of William and Mary)YesYesYes
Near-term Ecological Forecasting to Prevent Loss of BiodiversityDr. Amy Frazier (Assistant Professor, SGSUP) with mentoring from Dr. Benjamin Hemingway (Postdoctoral Research, SGSUP)YesYesYes 
Assessment of Metro-area CO2 Emissions Reduction Arising from Deployment of Cool RoofsDr. Matei Georgescu (Associate Professor, SGSUP)YesNoNo 

Evaluating the Effectiveness of Location Tracking Technologies used in COVID-19 Contact Tracing Systems

Dr. Peter Kedron (Assistant Professor, SGSUP)YesYes Yes

Planning for Resilience to Extreme Heat in U.S. Cities

Dr. Sara Meerow (Assistant Professor, SGSUP) working in collaboration with Dr. Ladd Keith (Assistant Professor in the School of Landscape Architecture and Planning at the University of Arizona)YesYesYes

Creative Neighborhoods in the COVID Context: An Exploration of Driveway, Sidewalk, and Street Expression in U.S. Single-Family Home Neighborhoods during Stay-At-Home Orders

Dr. Deirdre Pfeiffer (Associate Professor, SGSUP)YesYesYes

Using Lidar-Based Tree Data and MGWR to Model Housing Prices in Arizona

Dr. Andrew Trgovac (Instructor, SGSUP)


Creating a Pre-European Settlement Public Land Survey Record (PLSRs) Database

Dr. Andrew Trgovac (Instructor, SGSUP)YesYesYes

Application Instructions:

To apply for any of the internships listed above, please complete this online application form, which will also ask you to upload your current resume or C.V.

Application Deadline: 

Apply for the internship program by May 22, 2020.


Contact Barbara Trapido-Lurie, SGSUP Internship Coordinator,