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Graduate Student Research

Graduate students in the School of Geographical Sciences & Urban Planning conduct research that gets attention. Here are stories of some recent projects, examples of peer-reviewed publications authored by graduate students, and information about research funding. 

Peer-reviewed Publications by Graduate Students

Our graduate students do innovative work, and are lead authors of peer-reviewed publications. Here’s a selection of work authored by our students during their graduate studies.

Title Student Author(s) Authors Journal Year of Publication
An assessment of the stationarity of climate and stream flow in watersheds of the Colorado River Basin Kevin W. Murphy K.W. Murphy; A. W.Ellis Journal of Hydrology 2014
Pediment response to drainage basin evolution in south-central Arizona R. Evan Palmer, Zack Bowles, Emma Harrison, Scott Kelley P.H. Larson; R.I. Dorn; E. Palmer; Z. Bowles; E. Harrison; S. Kelley; M.W. Schmeeckle; J. Douglass Physical Geography 2014
Residential development during the Great Recession: a shifting focus in Phoenix, Arizona Kevin Kane K. Kane; A.M. York; J. Tuccillo; L.E. Gentile; Y. Ouyang Urban Geography 2014
On the Way or Around the Corner? Observed Refueling Choices of Alternative-fuel Drivers in Southern California Scott Kelley S. Kelley; M. Kuby Journal of Transport Geography 2013
Virtual Water from a Vanishing River Scott Kelley S. Kelley; M. Pasqualetti Journal of the American Water Works Association 2013
Reconnaissance Volcanic Geology of the Batamote Mountains, Ajo, Arizona Zack Bowles Z. Bowles; R. Greeley Journal of the Arizona-Nevada Academy of Science 2013
Learning Geomorphology Using Aerial Photography in a Web-facilitated Class Evan Palmer R.E. Palmer Review of International Geographical Education Online 2013
Maxent modeling of ancient and modern agricultural terraces in the Troodos foothills, Cyprus Christopher S. Galletti, Elizabeth Ridder C.S. Galletti; E. Ridder; S.E. Falconer; P.L. Fall Applied Geography 2013


Funding for graduate research

There are numerous grants available to support graduate student research, including awards specifically for students in our school, ASU-sponsored awards, and national and international awards. Review our Fellowships and Funding page for information about these opportunities.

Graduate student awards

Our students have a strong history of receiving nationally and internationally competitive funding and recognition. Our students are winners of Fulbright fellowships, dissertation research grants, and paper competitions and more.