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Graduate Student Research

Graduate students in the School of Geographical Sciences & Urban Planning conduct research that gets attention. Here are stories of some recent projects, examples of peer-reviewed publications authored by graduate students, and information about research funding. 

Peer-reviewed Publications by Graduate Students

Our graduate students do innovative work, and are lead authors of peer-reviewed publications. Here’s a selection of work authored by our students during their graduate studies.

Title Student Author(s) Authors Journal Year of Publication
Examining the ecosystem health and sustainability of world's largest mangrove forest using multitemporal MODIS products Asif Ishtiaque A. Ishtiaque; S.W. Myint; C. Wang Science of the Total Environment 2016
A MODIS/ASTER Airborne Simulator (MASTER) Imagery for Urban Heat Island Research Qunshan Zhao Q. Zhao; E.A. Wentz Data 2016
Rooftop Surface Temperature Analysis in an Urban Residential Environment Qunshan Zhao Q. Zhao; S.W. Myint; E.A. Wentz; C. Fan Remote Sensing 2015
Quantifying the impacts of land use change on flooding in data-poor watersheds in El Salvador with community-based model calibration Beth Tellman B. Tellman; J.E. Saiers; O.A.Ruiz Cruz Regional Environmental Change 2015
No wilderness to plunder: Process thinking reveals Cree land-use via the goose-scape Jesse Sayles J.S. Sayles The Canadian Geographer / Le Géographe canadien 2015
Drug Trafficking's Effects on Coastal Ecosystems Karina Benessaiah J. Sayles; K. Benessaiah Science 2014
Adaptive capacity in light of Hurricane Sandy: The need for policy engagement Melissa Wagner M. Wagner; N. Chhetri; M. Sturm Applied Geography 2014
Combined impacts of highways and light rail transit on residential property values: a spatial hedonic price model for Phoenix, Arizona Kihwan Seo K. Seo; A. Golub; M. Kuby Journal of Transport Geography 2014
How is Shrimp Aquaculture Transforming Coastal Livelihoods and Lagoons in Estero Real, Nicaragua?: The Need to Integrate Social–Ecological Research and Ecosystem-Based Approaches Karina Benessaiah K. Benessaiah; R. Sengupta Environmental Management 2014
Introducing a terrestrial carbon pool in warm desert bedrock mountains, southwestern USA Emma Harrison E.J. Harrison; R.I. Dorn Global Biogeochemical Cycles 2014


Funding for graduate research

There are numerous grants available to support graduate student research, including awards specifically for students in our school, ASU-sponsored awards, and national and international awards. Review our Fellowships and Funding page for information about these opportunities.

Graduate student awards

Our students have a strong history of receiving nationally and internationally competitive funding and recognition. Our students are winners of Fulbright fellowships, dissertation research grants, and paper competitions and more.