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Planning for a Sustainable Future in Apache Junction

Over the spring semester of 2018, the Arizona State University Planning for Sustainable Communities (PUP548) course partnered with ASU Project Cities and the City of Apache Junction to develop sustainability initiatives for future planning and governance. As one of the outputs of this project, this report represents a sustainability assessment of Apache Junction's current conditions and practices, along with recommendations for Apache Junction's General Plan 2020 Update. The assessment is based on the STAR Communities framework, such that each student (or pair of students) developed a chapter for this report that represents one of the 7 major STAR Goal Areas.

Read the final report here: https://static.sustainability.asu.edu/giosMS-uploads/sites/21/2018/09/Final-Report-Sustainability-Planning-Spring-2018.pdf

Watch the final presentation from PUP 548 here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rxrRa4cSiI4