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Who will be at this event?

There will be variety of professionals at this event – meteorologists, geologists, geospatial professionals, urban, environmental and transportation planners -- and more. Please refer to this link to see the participating organizations – it’ll be updated as new groups confirm that they’ll join us.

I don’t have any experience in any of these areas. Is this still for me?

Yes – if you think might be interested in any of the fields we’re featuring, this event is for you!  Listen to the lightning talks from 2-3; then come and talk to people – see what they do and if you like it.

Do I need to stay the entire time?

You’re welcome to stay for only the Lightning Talks from 2-3 pm or just stop by the Career Fest, and feel free to come and go from the Career Fest as you like.

Are only ASU students invited?

Everyone is invited – High school students, undergrads, grads, PhD, ASU, Non-ASU, recent grads, all majors

I’m shy but I’m really interested!  What suggestions do you have?

The Lightning Talks will be a great way to warm up and get a big picture view of careers!  Start out there if you can – They’ll begin at 2 pm and wrap up at 3 pm.  Then …

How should I start a conversation with a professional?

You can start with a brief self-introduction including your name, major and year in school. Tell them you are glad to have the opportunity to talk with them.

Then you might want to ask open-ended questions like: “What does your company do?” “What are your main responsibilities?” “What’s a typical work day like for you?” “What type of background and experience do you find to most valuable for success in in your field?” "May I contact you with further questions?”

A short introduction like this is called an ‘elevator pitch.’  Here are more ideas for your elevator pitch, from ASU’s Career and Professional Development Services.

Does it matter what I wear?

There is no dress code. However, if you are hoping to make some professional connections, business casual (jeans/slacks and a shirt without holes) would be good.

What should I bring?

If you're an ASU student, bring your ASU ID card, for a quick sign-in. 

If you're looking for job opportunities or interested in developing an internship, bring copies of your resume. Here are some great resources to help you strengthen your resume, and you can make an appointment for a one-on-one review with an expert through Handshake.

Can I expect to leave this event with a job?

Nope. This is an educational event for you to learn about different groups that work in the realms of geography, GIS or planning. However, some groups do have internship or job openings so if you’re interested in these opportunities, bring a resume. Here's more information about organizations that are currently or soon-to-be recruiting for internship or job applicants.

Do I need to register beforehand?

You don’t need to – but if you do register by Friday, October 25, we'll have a printed name tag waiting for you when you sign in at the event entrance. Just give us your name and email here.

I still have more questions. Is there someone I can talk to?

Yes, email Barbara Trapido-Lurie at

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