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Camp Verde Trails Public Outreach Project

PUP 542 Environmental Planning Class Spring 2020

In spring of 2020, a team of 32 students in PUP 542 Environmental Planning in the Master of Urban and Environmental Planning (MUEP) program at Arizona State University assisted the Town of Camp Verde and the U.S. Forest Service with public outreach related to trail development. The Town of Camp Verde 2016 General Plan identified a need to improve trails throughout the town and to enable better connections to existing trails and key sites of interest.

The class worked with the Town of Camp Verde Economic Development and Parks and Recreation departments as well as the Coconino National Forest, Red Rock Ranger District. A kickoff meeting and site visit was held in Camp Verde on Thursday, February 13, 2020. Students met with town officials to learn more about trails needs from the town and then with Coconino National Forest to learn more about the USFS and for a team kickoff meeting.

The kickoff meeting allowed students to engage with the project team and learn how local governments collaborate with federal agencies on mutually beneficial projects. Discussions took place about best practices for trail development as well as preparations for the public meeting. A site visit was held with stops at Rezzonico Park which has access to the Verde River, and the site of the future Camp Verde Sports Complex, which will serve as a connection for trails to forest service land.

Students in the class developed a survey relating to trail preferences and designed a flyer to advertise the public meeting. They also produced a public and agency scoping contact list, prepared meeting materials and created a visioning board exercise for the public meeting. The public meeting was held on Thursday, February 27, 2020 in Camp Verde to hear more from local residents about their feedback and input on trail development in their community. Approximately 57 members of the public came to the meeting and over 79 participants completed the survey.

The Camp Verde Trails Public Outreach Report came together as a collaboration among the Town of Camp Verde, USFS and ASU School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning and it describes the process and outcomes from this project.

Check out the project digital portfolio to see images from the field trip and public meeting as well as the final Camp Verde Public Outreach Report and presentation.

Project Digital Portfolio: https://asu.digication.com/pup-542-env-planning/