Yujia Zhang

Ph.D. Geography
Graduate Assistant/Associate
TEMPE Campus

Student Information

Graduate Student
Liberal Arts & Sciences


2011 - M.S. (GIS for Development and Environment) Clark University

2009 - B.S. (GIS) Henan University

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Research Interests

Urban Sustainability, Land System Science, Landscape Ecology, Spatial Analysis & Modeling, GIS & Remote Sensing

Research Activity

Zhang, Y., Li, X., & Turner, B. L., Long term land-cover mapping in the Phoenix metropolitan area, at AAAS Annual Meeting, Washington D.C., Feb. 2016

Zhang, Y., Li, X., Quay, R., Larson, K. L., & Turner, B. L., Human versus computer based classification of parcel landscape for outdoor water use analysis, at WaterSmart Innovations Conference, Las Vegas, NV, Oct. 2015

Zhang, Y., Li, X., & Turner, B. L., Discovering land cover typology of residential parcels in Metropolitan Phoenix , at AAAS Annual Meeting, San Jose, CA, Feb. 2015

Zhang, Y., Murray, A.T. & Wang, K., Mitigating urban heat island effects through strategic green space siting at INFROMS Annual Meeting, San Francisco, CA, Nov. 2014




2015 - WaterSmart Innovations Travel scholarship
2013 - Central Arizona - Phoenix LTER Graduate Research Grant
2012 - Arizona State University Graduate Fellowship
2011 - Annual Meeting of the AAG Spatial Analysis and Modeling Specialty Group Student Paper Award
2010 - Annual Meeting of the AAG RS/GIS/Cartography Specialty Group Student Illustrated Paper Award