Yujia Zhang

Ph.D. Geography
Graduate Assistant/Associate
TEMPE Campus

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Graduate Student
Liberal Arts & Sciences


Yujia Zhang is a postdoctoral researcher in the Asner Lab at the Center for Global Discovery and Conservation Science. Yujia is an interdisciplinary spatial scientist. Her research interests and approaches speak to multiple disciplines, including geography, landscape ecology, climatology, and broader Human-Environment Systems and Sustainability Science. She has strong backgrounds in data-intensive geospatial, statistical, and object-based image analysis. Before joining the Asner Lab, she was a post-doc scholar at Environmental Remote Sensing and Geoinformatics Lab, focusing on innovative urban forestry and climate change adaptation research to improve synergies among ecosystem services in the Phoenix metropolitan region, U.S. She earned her Ph.D. from the School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning at Arizona State University in 2018 and obtained an M.S. in GIS from Clark University. 


2018 - Ph.D. in Geography, Arizona State University

2011 - M.S. (GIS for Development and Environment), Clark University

2009 - B.S. (GIS),  Henan University

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Research Interests

GIS and Remote Sensing, Spatial Statistics and Modeling, Land Systems Science, Global Environmental Change, Sustainability



Yujia Zhang, Ariane Middel, B. L. Turner II (2019). Evaluating the spatially varying effects of 3D urban form on neighborhood land surface temperature using Google Street View and geographically weighted regressionLandscape Ecology, 34(3),681-697.

Wenjuan Yu, Yujia Zhang, Weiqi Zhou, Weimin Wang & Rong Tong (2019). Urban expansion in Shenzhen since 1970s: A retrospect of change from a village to a megacity from the spacePhysics and Chemistry of the Earth, 110, 21-30.

Yujia Zhang, Alan T. Murray, B. L. Turner II (2017). Optimizing green space locations to reduce daytime and nighttime urban heat island effects in Phoenix, ArizonaLandscape and Urban Planning, 165, 162-171.

Gil Pontius Jr., Roopa Krithivasan, Laura Sauls, Yan Yan, Yujia Zhang (2017). Methods to summarize change among land categories across time intervalsJournal of Land Use Science, 12,218-230.

Xiaoxiao Li, Soe W. Myint, Yujia Zhang, Christopher S. Galletti., Xiaoxiang Zhang, B. L. Turner II (2014). Object-based land-cover classification for metropolitan Phoenix, Arizona, using aerial photographyInternational Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation33, 321-330.

Jinliang Huang, Gil Pontius Jr., Qingsheng Li, Yujia Zhang (2012). Use of intensity analysis to link patterns with processes of land change from 1986 to 2007 in a coastal watershed of southeast ChinaApplied Geography34, 371-384.


Research Activity

V. Kelly Turner, Ariane Middel, Florian A. Schneider, Yujia Zhang, Matthew Stiller, Transformative Climate Communities: Informing adaptation planning through cool urban design interventions in southern California, American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting, Boston, MA, Jan. 2020.

Jordan Smith, Yujia Zhang, Carola Grebitus, B. L. Turner II., Incorporating community attitudes into urban garden spatial optimization, American Geophysical Union Annual Meeting, San Francisco, CA, Dec. 2019.

Yujia Zhang, Ariane Middel, B. L. Turner II., Evaluating the effects of 3D urban form on neighborhood land surface temperature using Google Street View and geographically weighted regression, Open Science Meeting of the Global Land Programme, Bern, Switzerland, Apr. 2019.

Qunshan Zhao, Yujia Zhang, Xiaojiang Li. Urban Green Infrastructure: Geospatial and Climate Applications Sessions I II III, AAG Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA, Apr. 2018.