Welcome to our new faculty members

This academic year we’re pleased to welcome 5 new faculty members, each of whom adds research and teaching strength to our school and to ASU. 

David Sailor, Professor

Dr. Sailor, who has joined our school this semester, will take a leadership role in the development and maintenance of an Urban Climate Research Initiative at ASU.

 Sailor's scholarly agenda focuses on the intersection of climate with the built environment. This includes investigation of feedback mechanisms between the built environment and climate with a focus on building energy consumption and renewable energy resources as well as both indoor and outdoor thermal comfort and air quality. He has worked extensively on quantifying the causes and prospects for mitigating the urban heat island effect.  See David Sailor’s bio.

David Hondula, Assistant Professor

Dr. Hondula arrived at ASU in 2013 as a postdoctoral fellow in Health Informatics.  This semester, he joins our faculty as a tenure-track faculty member. 

Hondula's research examines the societal impacts of weather and climate with an emphasis on extreme weather and health. Recent projects include statistical analysis of health and environmental data sets to improve understanding of the impact of high temperatures on human morbidity and mortality, especially within urban areas. Hondula is also engaged in quantitative and qualitative field work to learn how individuals experience and cope with extreme heat.  See David Hondula’s bio.

Meagan Ehlenz, Assistant Professor

Dr. Ehlenz joined ASU and our school in Fall 2015. She adds to our core of researchers and teachers with a focus on urban planning, and is a Senior Sustainability Scientist with the Julie Ann Wrigley Global Institute of Sustainability.

Ehlenz’s major fields of study include urban revitalization and community development, with specializations in the role of anchor institutions in urban places and mechanisms for building community wealth.  Prior to joining ASU's faculty, Ehlenz was a Research Associate at the Penn Institute for Urban Research, as well as a Lincoln Institute of Land Policy C. Lowell Harriss dissertation fellow. Ehlenz is a certified planner (AICP), and has worked as a planning consultant in Southeastern Wisconsin and as a senior planner for the City of Milwaukee’s Department of City Development. See Meagan Ehlenz’s bio.


We also welcome and appreciate two recent graduates of our geography PhD program who are making large contributions to our students’ learning:

Scott Kelley, Instructor

Scott Kelley is teaching courses in GIScience and statistics to undergraduates and graduate students. 

His research interests are at the intersection of energy, transportation, and GIScience.  Recent projects include the analysis of behavior of early adopters of alternative fuel vehicles, and development of GIS methods that locate infrastructure for alternative forms of energy in urban areas.

Scott Warren, Instructor

Scott Warren’s teaching realms range from geography of the Mexico/American border and Arizona and the Southwest US to geographic field methods and to global change.

His research explores the increasing pressure on land and life in southern Arizona as a result of the hardening of the U.S.-Mexico border. His interests in the U.S.-Mexico borderlands stem from personal and academic pursuits that have taken him throughout the American West and Latin America.