Student Stories

Lucy Aubrecht

Versatility drew Lucy Aubrecht to GIS. She first learned about the field while taking pre-requisite courses for her degree in meteorology.

A native of Mesa, Arizona, Aubrecht came to ASU as an undergraduate. While studying weather, she also played as a catcher for the Sun Devils softball team, one of the best ranked softball programs in the country.  

Aubrecht enjoyed meteorology, but a possibility for further learning caught her eye during her GIS coursework.

“I quickly realized that without a map, meteorological analysis could not be done,” Aubrecht said.

So, while finishing up her bachelor’s degree, Aubrecht decided to delve further.

“I wanted to challenge myself, expand my knowledge in the industry and make myself more marketable upon graduation. The MAS-GIS program provided an opportunity to do so,” said Aubrecht.

Aubrecht now works in Pennsylvania as a Geospatial Information Technology Associate, assisting with geospatial facets of oil and gas pipelines. She says the MAS-GIS program played a big role in getting her to this point.

“I really attribute much of where I am today to the program and every individual associated with it. MAS-GIS has really made my dreams come true.”

Another thing that helped Aubrecht was her capstone project. Knowing that she wanted to target the Pittsburgh area in her job search, Aubrecht used her capstone as a springboard to her current position. For her project, she worked on a flash flood potential index within the area covered by the Pittsburgh National Weather Service. Her analysis integrated an examination of spatial statistics with other factors such as slope, vegetation cover, soil type and land use. The work gave her ample spatial and meteorological knowledge of the Pittsburgh area.   

Aubrecht says she is currently living out her dream, putting her GIS skills to use. She takes in new information every day and is optimistic about future possibilities because she says the most exciting aspect of GIS is its applicability and reach.  

“Regardless of what you are into, the opportunities are endless. GIS truly can be applicable to all avenues of life, because everything has a spatial component.”