Student Stories

George Green

George Green first learned to use GIS software while working for a security company. Thanks to ASU’s Masters in GIS program, he has transformed that skill into the focus of his new career at ESRI, the leading GIS software company.
“I used GIS, now I work in GIS,” Green said.
Having graduated from the MAS-GIS program in 2013, Green attributes much of his professional success to his degree.
“I can 100 percent attest to the fact that I wouldn’t be at Esri without the program; it is recognized and well respected in the industry” Green said. 
Esri and their industry competitors regularly recruit from ASU’s MAS GIS program. They can count on the program to produce highly trained and prepared job candidates, said Green. In Green’s case, he was hired for his first job at Esri before he even completed the GIS program. “That’s not uncommon,” Green pointed out. Graduate degrees are common at Esri. Within his division Green estimates that over 50 percent of the employees have completed their masters and over 10 percent have their PHD.
After two years at Esri, Green was promoted to a program manager position within the company.  The training he received in the GIS program proved incredibly valuable as Green’s time at Esri continued.
“(The program) gave me an understanding of how customers use GIS,” Green said. “It has given me a perspective on GIS I didn’t have before.”
Green also believes ASU is wise to use Esri software in their MAS GIS program.  Esri is often considered the industry leader, and employers prefer familiarity with the industry standard platform, he said.
The MAS GIS program is instructed by skilled professionals who make the program engaging and bring valuable experience to the learning environment.
When describing his professors and the classroom environment, Green said, “They brought experience to the room, and everyone was excited about what they are doing.” Green also feels that the capstone project each MAS-GIS student carries out is a valuable element of the program.  For his capstone, Green chose to use LIDAR mapping to build a database of the large trees on ASU’s Tempe Campus.  The project challenged Green but it was rewarding once completed.
At Esri Green works with a variety of clients who use GIS software for countless applications.  He sees GIS as a truly versatile and valuable skill.
“Whatever your background is, GIS is applicable,” Green said.