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What is it like to be a graduate student at ASU, and what opportunities arise after completing a graduate degree? Here are some student stories.

George Green

Program Manager, Esri, Redlands, CA

“I can 100 percent attest to the fact that I wouldn’t be at Esri without ASU's MAS-GIS program.”

Lucy Aubrecht

Geospatial Information Technology Associate, Michael Baker International, Pittsurgh, PA

"I really attribute much of where I am today to the program and every individual associated with it. MAS-GIS has really made my dreams come true."

Brian Napolitano

Crime Analyst, Town of Gilbert

"GIS is a good fit for the law enforcement community -- for the most part, people in law enforcement are visual."

Lynn Coppedge

Sustainability Planner, City of Lakewood, CO

“My current position challenges me to find solutions to financial, political, and cultural barriers and applies a multitude of the principles that I studied at ASU."

The PhD student experience at ASU focuses on joining the community of researchers, building teaching expertise, and participating in local, national and international initiatives.  Read about graduate student research here.