SGSUP Colloquium: "A Science Integrity Crisis in Climate Research"

Join us on March 15 for the next installment of the SGSUP Colloquium series as we welcome Roger Pielke, Jr., from the University of Colorado Boulder, as he presents his talk, "A Science Integrity Crisis in Climate Research."

About the talk:

Human-caused climate change is real and aggressive policy action is warranted. However, a significant amount of climate research -- in physical sciences, impacts and economics -- relies on scenarios of the future that are outdated and implausible. These scenarios dominate assessment reports of the IPCC and U.S. National Climate Assessment, as well as the underlying peer-reviewed literature and also can be found in influential analyses that inform public and private sector decision making, such as the "social cost of carbon" estimates of the U.S. government. Beyond the practical implications, climate science may face a severe credibility crisis if these issues of scientific integrity are not soon addressed, which will be extremely difficult. This is a story of research integrity -- how we secure it and the challenges to correcting course when we get off track.

About the speaker:

Roger Pielke Jr. has been on the faculty of the University of Colorado Boulder since 2001, where he teaches and writes on a diverse range of policy and governance issues related to science, technology, environment, innovation and sports. Roger is a professor in the Environmental Studies Program. Roger is currently focusing his research on a NSF-sponsored, 16-country evaluation of science advice in the COVID-19 pandemic. Roger holds degrees in mathematics, public policy and political science, all from the University of Colorado.

Monday, March 15 at 2:00 p.m.