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Ramsey Park North Master Plan

Eileen Bow Baden - 2012 Spring Graduate 

Park planning is essential to every community as planners strive to create livable and active communities for their citizens. Parks serve many purposes such as spaces for active recreation, environmental education, and relaxation, as well as safe thoroughfares for non-motorized commuters. In August 2010, Eileen Bow Baden responded to a request from the town of Eagar, Arizona for a planning student to assist with designing an 8-acre park for the town. She began her work by researching parks and master park plans for other communities. Using this foundation, she attended community meetings, held focus groups and presentations, and carried out survey research to gather input from citizens of Eagar. High school students were key stakeholders in the planning process as the proposed park was located near their school. She wrote a master plan for the park which included the park planning and public outreach process as well as a large appendix with sections pertaining directly to the built aspects of the park. A 3-D visual of the park was created in Google SketchUp Pro that accompanied the written plan. Main attractions in the park included a BMX track, amphitheater, splash pad, natural playground, wide pathways, and active recreation area with basketball courts, pickleball courts, and volleyball courts. The Eagar Town Council voted on adopting The Ramsey Park North Master Plan on January 17th, 2012 by a unanimous vote of 6-0.

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