PhD alum Jennifer Johnson is recognized for her teaching

Jennifer Johnson, who earned both her MA and PhD in geography at ASU, has been recognized with her university’s highest award for teaching.  Along with a colleague from the College of Arts and Sciences, Jennifer is one of two recipients of Ferris State University’s 2014 Distinguished Teacher Award.

Jennifer’s focus at ASU was climatology, and at Ferris State she teaches courses in physical geography, weather and climate, and also in geography education.  She joined Ferris State in 2006, and is an associate professor there.

Commenting on the award, Jennifer said, “My students are absolutely the center of my universe and are the very best part of my job, as I tell them every single semester,” she said. “To be recognized in this way means that I am using the gifts I’ve been given and the skills I have worked to develop in a way that makes them successful. That’s really what any good teacher wants.”

Johnson works to “grow and change to meet the needs of my students in creative and engaging ways.”

“This award gives me an opportunity to go back to my own faculty and mentors and validate the time and devotion that they have shown to me over the years, and to let them know that their commitment to me has made me better than I would ever have been on my own,” she said.

Jennifer earned her M.A. from ASU in 2000, and her Ph.D. in 2003.  Ferris State’s announcement of Jennifer’s award is available here.