Social Science Research Methods (Graduate Certificate)

Many of the biggest problems today --- from tracking the outbreak of diseases to managing scarce water resources to understanding the impact of new technologies --- require collaboration across the medical sciences, the physical and biological sciences, the social sciences and engineering. ASU's emphasis on collaborative work across disciplines is crucial for understanding these complex problems and to develop solutions.

The interdisciplinary graduate certificate program in social science research methods prepares students to acquire, manage and analyze a broad range of data on human thought and human behavior. Data can be qualitative (e.g., text, images or sound) or quantitative (e.g., direct observation, surveys or geospatial). Data acquisition skills may include the downloading and managing of information from online sources or the primary collection of data in surveys or in direct observation. A key feature of this program is a focus on data analysis, so students and professionals will be able to analyze and interpret any data that they can collect. All students in this program demonstrate skills in statistical analysis as well as a selection of methods related to their interests.

This program is designed for applicants who hold a minimum of a bachelor's degree from regional, national or internationally accredited institutions, and in any field or discipline (e.g., anthropology, sociology, human development, sustainability, geography, political science or other fields with approval of the academic unit).

Degree Offered

Social Science Research Methods (Graduate Certificate)
Liberal Arts and Sciences, The College of

Downtown, Polytechnic, Tempe, West

Plan of Study

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