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MUEP Planning Workshop - Spring 2021

Room to Grow: ADU Policy Recommendations for the City of Peoria, AZ

What is an ADU?


The Spring 2021 Planning Workshop collaborated with the City of Peoria’s Planning and Zoning Department to research the opportunities and constraints associated with Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) policies, and examined the role they could play in meeting Peoria’s housing needs. The students employed a range of planning skills to establish a sound planning document, including background research, creating a community profile, stakeholder engagement, and peer city case studies to deliver final recommendations to the City of Peoria.

The Planning Workshop's final report represents the culmination of these efforts and proposes guidance for Peoria’s Planning and Zoning Department as they consider future ADU policies. The report highlights: stakeholder perspectives from City of Peoria leaders, staff, local developers, and affordable housing organizations; a series of nine case studies that examine ADU policies in similar cities, within Arizona and across the US; and best practices and considerations for Peoria as they explore an ADU policy.


Read the final report here.

PUP 580: Planning Workshop

Professor: Meagan Ehlenz

Team Members: Project Cities (ASU); City of Peoria (client)