Melissa Wagner

Ph.D. Geography
Graduate Assistant/Associate

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Graduate Student
The College of Lib Arts & Sci

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Research Interests

Land cover change and Climate, Climate Change, Severe Storm Impacts and Dynamics, Unmanned Aerial Systems


Clinton, N., Stuhlmacher, M., Miles, A., Uludere Aragon, N.,Wagner, M., Georgescu, M., ... & Gong, P.(2018). A Global Geospatial Ecosystem Services Estimate of Urban Agriculture. Earth's Future.

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Wagner, M., Merson, J., & Wentz, E. A. (2016). Design with Nature: Key lessons from McHarg's intrinsic suitability in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. Landscape and Urban Planning155, 33-46.

Wagner, M., Gentile, L. E., Merson, J., & E. Wentz.(2016). Sustainable urban planning and climate change scenarios: An Investigation of Staten Island's Urban Planning. Proceedings from5th Fabos Conference on Landscape and Urban Planning. Budapest, Hungary.

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Doe, R., Wagner, M.An Unmanned Aerial Systems (UASs) Deployment to Assess High Impact Tornado Damage to Agriculture and Forestry. Paper presented at American Association of American Geographers Annual Meeting; April 13, 2018: New Orleans, LA.

Doe, R., Wagner, M.An Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Site Investigation of the April 29, 2017 Canton, Texas Tornado. Paper presented at American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting; January 9,  2018: Austin, TX

Wagner, M., Doe, R. High Wind Damage Assessment of the June 12th Tornado Outbreak in theNorthern High Plains Utilizing Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV). Paper presented at American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting; January 9, 2018: Austin, TX

Wagner, M., Doe, R. Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) to Modeling Tornado ImpactsPoster presented at American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting; December 13, 2017: New Orleans, LA.

Wagner, M.,Cox, R., Hahn, C., Doe, R. Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Deployment for Damage  Assessment of the June 12, 2017 Tornado Outbreak in the Northern High Plains. Paper presented at     the 19th High Plains American Meteorological Society National Weather Association Conference; August 10, 2018: Austin, TX.

Wagner, M., Brazel, A., Benson-Lira, V., Hoots, D., Smith, M., & A. Middel. Thermal Comfort and Extreme Heat: A Summertime Assessment of Rayman Model Sensitivity in Downtown Tempe, AZ. Paper  presented at American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting; January 12, 2016: New Orleans, LA.

Wagner, M., Georgescu. M. Wang, M. & G. Miguez-Macho. Renewable Energy and Drought Resiliency?: Examining Potential Hydroclimate Impacts of Perennial; Biofuel Crop Expansion in the Southern Plains. Paper presented at Association of American Geographers Annual Meeting; March 30, 2016: Chicago, IL.

Wagner, M., Gentile, L. E., Merson, J., & E. Wentz. Sustainable urban planning and climate change scenarios: An Investigation of Staten Island's Urban Planning. Paprer presented at 5th Fabos Conference on  Landscape and Urban Planning; June 30, 2016: Budapest, Hungary.

Wagner, M., Wentz, E. & S. Kelley. Assessing Tropical Storm Vulnerability in an Inland Desert: A Case  Study of the 2014 Flash Flood Events in Phoenix, Arizona. Paper presented at Association of American  Geographers Annual Meeting; April 22, 2015: Chicago, IL.

Wagner, M., Myint, S. W., Kaplan, S. & R. Cerveny. Geospatial Assessment of a Tornado Disaster using high-resolution imagery. Paper presented at First International Summit on Tornadoes and Climate Change; May 25, 2014: Chania, Crete, Greece.

Wagner, M. Chetri, N. & M. Sturm. Solutions after Sandy: Engaging the Social Sciences for a Better Policy Outcome. Paper presented at American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting; January 6, 2014: Atlanta, GA.

Wagner, M., Wentz, E. & J. Merson. The Role of Land Use Suitability in Hurricane Sandy as Exposed by Ian McHarg's Design by Nature. Paper presented at Association of American Geographers Annual Meeting; April 2, 2015: Tampa, FL.                       

Wang, M., Wagner, M., Miguez-Macho, G., Mahalov, A., & Georgescu, M. Assessing hydroclimate impacts of a large-scale perennial biofuel crop expansion over the continental United States. Paper presented at American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting; December, 9, 2013: San Francisco, CA.

2013 Wagner, M., Wang, M., Miguez-Macho, G., Mahalov, A., & Georgescu, M. Hydroclimatic Impacts of Perennial Biofuel Crop Growth during an Extreme Drought Year. Paper presented at American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting; December, 9, 2013:San Francisco, CA.


2008     Arizona Floodplain Management Association Scholarship

2016     Anthony J. Brazel Research Award 

2018     Institute for Social Science Research Student Poster Contest





Professional Associations

American Geophysical Union, American Meteorological Society, Association of American Geographers

Industry Positions

Meteorologist Weather Advisory Service, Bakersfield, CA

Certified Weather Observer Diversified Management Solutions, Phoenix, AZ

Assistant State Climatologist Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ