Jose-Benito Rosales Chavez

Assistant Professor
TEMPE Campus

Student Information

Graduate Student
Global Health (Evolutionary Global Health Sciences)
The College of Lib Arts & Sci


Jose Benito Rosales Chavez is a Gates Millenium, McNairs, and Mellon Initiative Scholar, and an instructor in the School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning. He studies the food environment with a focus on community development, food security, access to food, culturally relevant food sources, eating behaviors, health outcomes and social determinants of health. His current project focuses on street food stands in Mexico City as a culturally relevant food source.


B.A., University of San Diego, 2012

MPH, University of Minnesota, 2016

Ph.D. Arizona State University, 2020

Research Interests

Food environment, community development, access to food, eating behaviors, dietary intake, health outcomes, maternal and child health.


Rosales Chavez, J., García, L., Bruening M., Pereira, M., & Jehn, M. (2020).Relationships between different levels of the Mexican food environment and dietary intake: a qualitative systematic review. Public Health & Nutrition, 23(11), 1877-1888.

Bruening, M., Rosales Chavez, J., & Dinour, L.M. (2017). Food insecurity and emotional health in North America: A systematic review of longitudinal research. Public Health Nutrition.

Lee, R.E., Galaviz, K., Soltero, E., Rosales Chavez, J. Jauregui, E., Levesque, L., Ortiz Hernandez, L., Lopes y Taylor J., & Estabrooks, P. (2017). Aplicando el marco conceptual RE-AIM para la promoción de la actividad física en países de ingreso bajo y medio: Un taller. Revista Latino-Americana de Enfermagem.

Trainer, S., Brewis, A., Williams, D., & Rosales Chavez, J. (2015). Obese, Fat, or “Just Big”? Young Adult Deployment of and Reactions to Weight Terms. Human Organization, 74(3), 266-275.

Layne, C. S., Parker, N. H., Soltero, E. G., Rosales Chavez, J., O’Connor, D. P., Gallagher,M. R., & Lee, R. E. (2015). Are physical activity studies in Hispanics meeting reporting guidelines for continuous monitoring technology? A systematic review. BMC Public Health, 15(1), 1.

Wutich, A., Brewis, A., Rosales Chavez, J., & Jaiswal, C. (2015). Water, worry, and Doña Paloma: Why water security is fundamental to global mental health. Solicited chapter in: E. Mendenhall and B. Kordt (eds): Global Mental Health: An Anthropological Reader.

Williams, D., Brewis, A. A., Trainer, S. S., & Rosales Chavez, J. (2015). Fat by Any Other Name: Perceptions of “Obesity.” Solicited chapter in: C. T. Morris and A. G. Lancey (eds): The Applied Anthropology of Obesity: Prevention, Intervention, and Identity.


Fall 2021
Course Number Course Title
PUP 692 Research
Summer 2021
Course Number Course Title
GIS 499 Individualized Instruction
Spring 2021
Course Number Course Title
SOS 111 Sustainable Cities
PUP 190 Sustainable Cities
PUP 499 Individualized Instruction


Rosales Chavez, J., Jehn, M., Lee, R. E., Ohri-Vachaspati, P. & Bruening M. 2019. Assessing the density and distribution of street food stands (SFS) in Mexico City. Oral presentation at the American Public Health Associations annual meeting. Philadelphia, PA.

Rosales Chavez, J., M. Bruening, M. Jehn. 2019. Relationships between the Mexican food environment and dietary intake. Oral presentation at the Underrepresented Intellect Symposium. Phoenix, Arizona.

Rosales Chavez, J., M. Bruening, M. Jehn. 2018. Creation and validation of a street food stand assessment tool (SFSAT). Poster presentation at the American Public Health Associations annual meeting. San Diego, CA.