Jannik Heusinger

Postdoctoral Research Associate
Post Doctoral Scholars
TEMPE Campus

Research Interests

  • Urban heat mitigation
  • Urban surface-atmosphere exchange


Baniassadi, A., Heusinger, J., & Sailor, D.J. (2018). Energy efficiency vs resiliency to extreme heat and power outages: The role of evolving building energy codes. Building and Environment, 139, 86-94.

Baniassadi, A., Heusinger, J., & Sailor, D.J. (2018). Building Energy Savings Potential of a Hybrid Roofing System Involving High Albedo, Moisture Retaining Foam Materials. Energy and Buildings, 169, 283-294.

Heusinger, J., Sailor, D.J., & Weber, S. (2018). Modeling the reduction of urban excess heat by green roofs with respect to different irrigation scenarios. Building and Environment, 131, 174-183.

Heusinger, J., & Weber, S. (2017). Extensive green roof CO2 exchange and its seasonal variation quantified by eddy covariance measurements. Science of The Total Environment607, 623-632.

Grunwald, L., Heusinger, J., & Weber, S. (2017). A GIS-based mapping methodology of urban green roof ecosystem services applied to a Central European city. Urban Forestry & Urban Greening22, 54-63.

Heusinger, J., & Weber, S. (2017). Surface energy balance of an extensive green roof as quantified by full year eddy-covariance measurements. Science of The Total Environment577, 220-230.

Heusinger, J., & Weber, S. (2015). Comparative microclimate and dewfall measurements at an urban green roof versus bitumen roof. Building and Environment92, 713-723.