"Innovation Districts: Fad or Fundamental in a Digital Economy?" by Larissa Muller

Professor Larissa Muller will discuss the evolution of innovation platforms globally from campus-style science parks -- ranging from the North Carolina Research Triangle to mixed-use urban tech hubs such as 22@Barcelona.

Based on leading research and global practice, she will address questions such as: What drivers underpin the growing importance of innovation districts and this evolution? Does your city need one and why? What factors explain successful innovation districts?

Larissa Muller

Dr. Larissa Muller is Associate Professor within the Faculty of Environmental Design at the University of Calgary. She brings to her teaching and research over a decade of professional consulting and academic research experience in urban regional development. She has authored numerous national policy reports and studies on economic development planning, urban environmental management, water resources management, and urbanization dynamics, as well as a number of academic publications. 

Muller's research focuses on urban and regional economic policy, urban infrastructure and services, sustainable cities, urban and peri-urban spatial dynamics, and strategic planning. Her most recent research deals with urbanization dynamics in China and fast growing cities in North America (and their environmental and social impacts), post-industrial service economies and strategies, and the relationship between land use, infrastructure, sustainability and competitiveness.  Additional information

Friday, February 23, 3:00 - 4:30 pm
COOR 5536
Coor Hall