"The humanitarian crisis at the border: Views from Ajo and ASU" by Scott Warren


Scott Warren—Lecturer, ASU School of Geographical Sciences & Urban Planning

Scott Warren is a cultural geographer and Lecturer in the School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning. Dr. Warren splits his time between teaching in Tempe and doing research and activist work in Ajo, the town that was the subject of his PhD dissertation. In Ajo he coordinates with a variety of all-volunteer NGOs to do humanitarian aid work in the Arizona-Mexico borderland.

Deaths increased steadily in the late 1990s as more and more undocumented migrants crossed the U.S.-Mexico borderland via the region’s most rugged and remote routes. By the early 2000s a veritable humanitarian crisis gripped the Arizona-Sonora borderland in particular, where mountains and deserts claimed the lives of several hundred.

In response, humanitarian NGOs and volunteer search and rescue groups formed, and most recently a number of SGSUP students have lent their expertise and energy to the ongoing humanitarian response in the borderland. Through the Desert Aid class and the No More Deaths-ASU club, these students have organized several humanitarian aid actions alongside other NGOs in the Arizona desert.

With Arizona’s Ajo corridor as its focus, this presentation will contextualize the ongoing humanitarian crisis on the border, describe the response at SGSUP, and call those wanting to get involved to action.

Tuesday, September 20, 3:00-4:00 pm
Coor Hall