Hue-Tam Jamme

976 S Forest Mall
Assistant Professor
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Huê-Tâm Jamme studies urbanisms in transition from a comparative perspective. Using a range of qualitative and quantitative methods, she focuses on the lived experience of societal transformations. Her research explores in particular whether the development of information and communication networks shapes inclusive urban spaces. Jamme currently leads a research project centered on the gig economy and women’s upward mobility and in the capitals of Cambodia, Myanmar, and Thailand. In previous research, she investigated the socio-spatial consequences of the transition towards auto-mobility in Vietnam. Her research interests further include public space, street vending, affordable housing and transit-oriented development (TOD), and active travel, both in cities of the Global South and in the United States. Her work has been published in English and in French in edited volumes and academic journals, including Transportation Research, the Journal of Planning Education and Research, and the Journal of Environmental Psychology. Her research and teaching draw on several years of professional practice in Asia as a consultant in urban development.


Ph.D., Urban Planning and Development, University of Southern California, 2020

BA and MA, Political Science, Sciences Po Rennes, 2010


Journal Articles
1. Boarnet, M., Bostic, R., Rodnyansky, S., Burinskiy, E., Eisenlohr, A., Jamme, H-T., Santiago-Bartolomei, R. (2020). Do high income households reduce driving more when living near rail transit? Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment, 80.
2. Jamme, H-T., Bahl, D., Banerjee T., Rodriguez J. (2019). A twenty-five-year biography of the TOD concept: From design to policy, planning, and implementation. Journal of Planning Education and Research, 39(4), 409-428.
3. Webb Jamme, H-T., Bahl, D. & Banerjee, T. (2018). Between “broken windows” and the “eyes on the street:” walking to school in inner city San Diego. Journal of Environmental Psychology, 55, 121-138.
4. Boarnet, M., Bostic, R., Eisenlohr, A., Rodnyansky, S., Santiago-Bartolomei, R., Webb Jamme, H-T. (2018). The joint effects of income, vehicle technology, and transit-oriented development on greenhouse gases emissions. Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board, 2672(24), 75-86.

Book Chapters
5. Piazzoni, F., Jamme, H-T. (forthcoming 2020). Private uses make public spaces: Street vending in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, and Rome, Italy. In Routledge Handbook of Street Culture (Ed: Jeffrey Ian Ross). Abingdon: Routledge. Accepted on August 10, 2019.
6. Webb Jamme, H-T., Ortega, F. (2019). Modern infrastructure and historic urban landscape: re-evaluating local conservation practices in light on Hanoi’s metro project. In Routledge Companion of Global Heritage Conservation (Eds: Bharne, V., & Sandmeier T.). Abingdon: Routledge, 279-297.

Others in Progress
Jamme, H-T. L’expérience vécue des mobilités quotidiennes en transition : Cheminement vers le développement et le modernisme à Hô Chi Minh Ville. Under review at EchoGéo.
Eisenlohr, A., Jamme, H-T., Bahl, D., Banerjee, T. The experience of walking to school in inner city neighborhoods: findings from Los Angeles and San Diego.
Jamme, H-T. ‘Sticky flows’ and ‘productive frictions’: Ho Chi Minh City’s Street Life explained by Motorbike Mobility.
Jamme, H-T. The perceived space of urban mobility: A case study in HCMC, Vietnam, using travel survey data.

Jamme, H-T. (2019). ‘Sticky flows’ and ‘productive frictions’: Untangling the mechanisms of street urbanism. Proceedings of AESOP Annual Congress, Venice, July 9-13, 2019.
Jamme, H-T., Govindan, O. (2019). Delta cities: Rethinking practices of the urban. The Newsletter 83. International Institute for Asian Studies.
Banerjee, T., Bahl, D., Barrow, K., Eisenlohr, A., Jamme, H-T., Rodriguez, J., Wallace, Q. (2019), Institutional Response to Transit Oriented Development in the Los Angeles Metropolitan Area: Understanding Local Differences through the Prism of Density, Diversity, and Design (Metrans Project 17-09). Los Angeles, CA: Metrans Transportation Center.
Boarnet, M., Bostic, R., Rodnyansky, S., Prohofsky, A., Eisenlohr, A., Webb Jamme, H-T. (2018), Where Households Move: Tracking Household Moves Associated with Rail Transit Station Openings in Los Angeles County (Report). Los Angeles, CA: California Community Foundation.
Boarnet, M., Bostic, R., Rodnyansky, S., Prohofsky, A., Eisenlohr, A., Webb Jamme, H-T. (2018), The Effects of Rail Stations on Neighborhood Displacement in Los Angeles County, 1993-2013 (Report). Los Angeles, CA: California Community Foundation.
Bostic, R., Boarnet, M., Burinskiy, E., Eisenlohr, A., Rodnyansky, S., Santiago-Bartolomei, R., Webb Jamme, H-T. (2018), Sustainable and affordable housing near rail transit: Refining and expanding a scenario planning tool (Metrans Project 16-07). Los Angeles, CA: Metrans Transportation Center.


Fall 2020
Course Number Course Title
PUP 515 International Planning & Dev
PUP 598 Special Topics


2018 EFEO Ecole Fran�aise dExtreme Orients Dissertation fellowship
2018 USC Graduate School Russel Endowed Fellowship
2018 RASC Rail Association of Southern Californias Graduate Scholarship
2018 CTF California Transportation Foundations Graduate Scholarship
2017 WTS-LA Myra Frank Scholarship from the Womens Transportation Seminar
2013 Premier Prix VIE Vietnam  First Prize for young professional abroad, awarded by the French Minister for International Trade
2010 Conseil G�n�ral de la Manche  Bourse sup�rieure d�tudes � l�tranger