Georgescu leads ASU in multi-school partnership to establish water sustainability network

ASU is one of 14 academic institutions and key partners across the United States that has formed a consortium to address the challenges that threaten urban water systems in the U.S. and around the world.
The initiative, supported by a $12 million cooperative agreement from the National Science Foundation is part of the Sustainable Research Network called the Urban Water Innovation Network (UWIN).
Matei Georgescu, assistant professor in the School of Geographical Sciences an Urban Planning, is principal investigator for the ASU part of the project, which involves faculty from the several other ASU units as well as David Hondula, also with the School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning.
The network will establish six highly connected regional urban water sustainability hubs in densely populated regions across the nation to serve as innovation centers, helping communities transition to sustainable management of water resources.
“Elements of our part of the project include advancing state-of-the-art urban meteorology and climate models to enhance our physical understanding of the urban environment, with a particular emphasis on urban modifications of the water cycle and how they interconnect with impacts on human health, energy demand and socioeconomic groups and vulnerable populations,” said Georgescu.
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