Doctoral students Benessaiah and Sayles comment on drug trafficking impacts

A recent commentary in top-ranked journal Science explained how Central American drug trafficking contributes to forest loss. Based on their research in the region, geography doctoral students Karina Benessaiah and Jesse Saylesknew that drug trafficking impacts coastal ecosystems in Central America, too.  In its March 28 issue, Sciencepublished a letter by Benessaiah and Sayles that described these impacts. 

Their letter gives examples of how the drug trade brings fear and corruption to lobster and shrimp ports on small islands and pulls fishers into the drug trade, with environmental impacts ranging from overfishing to unregulated developments.

“As we study how ‘drug policy is conservation policy,’ let's not forget the coast,’ the students comment.

Read the full letter:

K. Benessaiah and J. Sayles, Drug Trafficking's Effects on Coastal EcosystemsScience,  March 28 2014: Vol. 343 no. 6178 p. 1431.