Geography (Minor)

The geography minor, rooted in the foundation of cultural and physical geography, allows students to explore the intersections of place and space. Students of the geography minor gain a unique perspective in understanding the modern world in local to global contexts through the twin lenses of spatial perspective and cultural understanding.

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The geography minor, rooted in a foundation of cultural and physical geography, encourages students to explore intersections of place and space. Students in the minor gain a unique understanding of the modern world from both the local and global perspectives. Students also gain a deeper understanding of how humans impact landscapes.

Degree Offered

Geography (Minor)
Liberal Arts and Sciences, The College of

Tempe, Online

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Application Requirements

All students are required to meet general university admission requirements.

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Career Outlook

A minor in geography helps make students stronger candidates for positions that require an understanding of the Earth's surface, including landforms, water, plants, weather, and people --- and the interactions that take place among those elements. This understanding can be valuable in a variety of careers and fields, including government agencies, nonprofits, sustainability, city and urban planning, tourism, business, marketing, and community outreach.