Colloquium with Jennifer Minner, Cornell University

Please join the School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning as we welcome Jennifer Minner from Cornell University for our colloquium series.

Minner will present her talk "Mega-events: Impact craters and reservoirs of memory" on Tuesday, March 12 at 3:00 p.m. in COOR 5536.


About the talk:

Mega-events, such as International Expositions (also known as Expos or World’s Fairs) and the Olympic Games, are tools that have been used for decades to shape cities and the public imagination. To host mega-events, civic and business leaders channel substantial public and private investments in efforts to position cities globally. The organization and construction of mega-events are often accomplished through great feats of civic cooperation and ingenuity. Also integral to the story of mega-events is the wholesale destruction of swathes of urban fabric and the displacement of people and neighborhood institutions. The physical legacies of mega-events have created vibrant and valued public works, including civic centers, municipal parks, and re-configured waterfronts. In many cases, they have also generated vacant buildings, contested spaces, and urban management issues. The large urban footprints of mega-event sites are important case studies of urban development tactics. The creation of these event spaces leaves reservoirs of collective memories and reshaped public and private spaces in their wake. Often memories of demolition and loss are forgotten, but can be recaptured to awaken historical consciousness. This presentation is derived of research using qualitative, archival, and spatial analysis methods to understand the continuing legacy of post-event sites.

Tuesday, March 12, 3:00 - 4:30 p.m.
COOR 5536