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Camp Verde Urban Upland Trail Plan

Michael Schwartz - 2020 Spring Graduate 

The purpose of the Camp Verde Urban Upland Trail Plan is to serve as an inventory and analysis of existing trailheads, trails, urban routes, and anchor sites. The inventory can then be proposed adopted as an amendment to the town of Camp Verde 2016 General Plan by the town council. The document can then be used to facilitate and prioritize the development of the system-wide network in greater Camp Verde. Consultation with the town of Camp Verde Economic Development Department, Community Planning Department, and a 12-member steering committee informed the Urban Upland Trail Plan. TThe plan extents consist of two adjacent National Forest lands and multiple recreation site connections throughout the town and its periphery. The methodology included inventory, mapping, design standards, phasing, and cost estimates. Presented maps at a public meeting to over 50 members of the public and engaged in qualitative data collection for community vision of the Trail Plan. The plan was then drafted to client specifications. Currently, the planning document is undergoing revisions, imagery selection, and presentation development for delivery to the town council.

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