Brandon Vogt wins award for excellence in teaching

This spring Brandon Vogt, who earned his MA and his PhD in geography at ASU, was selected as Teacher of the Year for the College of Letters, Arts and Sciences at the University of Colorado - Colorado Springs. 

As an assistant professor in the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies, Brandon teaches courses on geomorphology, environmental systems, GIS and remote sensing.  He co-developed a course called Digital Earth, whose objective is to introduce students early in their college studies to the principals, concepts and applications of major geographic information technologies. Recently he co-developed another new course, Sonic Landscapes, Eco Acoustic Art, which examines relationships between art and the natural world. 

John Harner, chair of the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies, describes Brandon as a “teaching star" with a passion for teaching that is reflected in his innovations, dynamic style and use of mixed pedagogies, continual efforts for improvement, and professional recognition.

Brandon organizes student field trips in all of his courses, taking students to locations such as the National Weather Service, the National Center for Atmospheric Research, and the U.S. Geological Survey office. He also offers a week-long field course in Silverton, Colorado that focuses on snow and ice processes and snowpack hydrology. According to Harner, Brandon has regularly provided important learning opportunities for students by introducing them to cutting-edge geospatial technology such as a high-end terrestrial lidar instrument.

Comments from students who helped nominate Vogt for the award clearly show the enthusiasm of those who’ve taken courses with him:

“Dr. Vogt is always available to help students with questions on class material, research projects, and other related queries ….”

“As a 21-year veteran of the US Army, I know what classroom leadership looks like, and Dr. Vogt exemplifies this attribute ... His detailed planning and dedication to an exceptional experience helped to ensure a safe and impressive field study experience that will have a lasting positive impact for years to come. ….”

“As one who had some anxiety about the topic (geomorphology), Brandon’s use of a multiplicity of teaching techniques and visual material made the course a pleasure and a great learning experience ….”

“Dr. Vogt’s commitment to helping students develop academically and professionally gives students an advantage both in the classroom and in future careers.”