Ashley Broadbent

Assistant Research Professor
TEMPE Campus

Research Interests

  • Urban heat mitigation 
  • Micro-climate effects of stormwater re-use and water sensitive urban design
  • Land-atmosphere interactions
  • Biophysical and biogeochemical effects of biofuels


Thom, J. K., Coutts, A. M., Broadbent, A. M., & Tapper, N. J. (2016). The influence of increasing tree cover on mean radiant temperature across a mixed development suburb in Adelaide, Australia. Urban Forestry & Urban Greening20, 233-242.

Demuzere, M., Coutts, A. M., Göhler, M., Broadbent, A. M., Wouters, H., van Lipzig, N. P. M., & Gebert, L. (2014). The implementation of biofiltration systems, rainwater tanks and urban irrigation in a single-layer urban canopy model. Urban Climate10, 148-170

Broadbent, A.M., Cullen, N. J., & Zawar-Reza, P. (2010). Wintertime numerical modelling of PM10 air pollution in Milton, Otago, New Zealand: Boundary layer structure, effects of data assimilation, and reaching national environmental standards. Air Quality and Climate Change44(4), 22.