Apply for a TA position in planning

Teaching Assistantship positions are available to MUEP students on a merit basis. The 10 hour/week positions provide a stipend, a 50% discount on tuition, and in-state tuition rate for out-of-state students.

To apply for an MUEP TA position, submit the Online Application. You will be able to choose which class(es) you are interested in supporting. You may choose as many as you wish. Please refer to the Schedule of Classes to make sure you are choosing classes that do not conflict with your own anticipated class schedule. We make every effort to assign TAs to their preferred sections, but ultimately assignments are made based on many factors, including scheduling and faculty needs.

  • You will be asked to upload your CV/resume. PDF format is preferred.
  • Non-native English speakers will be asked to report their TOEFL oral, IELTS speaking, or SPEAK test scores and/or upload a copy of the ITA Teacher Training Course certification.

Please note that you must be officially admitted to apply for a TA position.

Direct questions to